Not sure I can get there from here

I felt like I had a good ride last weekend at the Gravel Grovel. I turned the cranks over well all day and climbed a lot of hills that I have had trouble with in the past. I felt like I made good time on Combs road and did not stop long at any of the rest areas. I needed to finish in under 5 hours to beat last years time. I didn’t quite make it, but considering the extra miles at the start and the walk at the end because of a flat tire, I am sure I would have finished in less then 5 hours if it would have been the same distance. So, I was disappointed, but understanding. Well, that was up until the results came out.

Looking at the results, I finished 115th place overall and 7th in the SS class. I was 27 min. behind the next SS racer. That would have put me all the way up in to tied for 94th. But, that still does not sound real good. I know there were a lot of really fast guys out there and that is evident by the finishing time for the top placers. It is hard to imagine being able to take 2 hours off of my time. Realistically I need to take at least an hour off of my time. That is just hard to imagine. I have no doubt that I could take some time off of my ride even with a SS and even more if I would ride with some gears.

I like riding my SS, but the flat and open road sections is the real down fall of only having one gear. Yea, if I had a granny I could have climbed a couple of more hills, but the bigger time loss was when I would spin out on the other sections. I have had a desire to have a geared CX bike for a little while now and after the race I really have that on my mind to get one. I just don’t know if I can come up with the money to get something worth getting. The other issue is trying to make up my mind on what kind of bike I really want. I keep going back and forth from a full on CX bike and more of a monster cross.

The flat tire I had and all of the flat tires I saw on the side of the road have be thinking a little larger tire would not be a bad thing. With that would also come disk brakes. I am a fan of disk brakes over the canties that are on the cx bikes. I am sure they would do the job either way. I could also see myself riding this bike instead of riding my road bike most of the time. For that kind of use, I would think the smaller tires would be better. it is a hard choice, but one that will not need to be figured out until I have a little more money.

I do have an itch to head down to Georgia to check out the Southern Cross in February, so I might need to make a decision by then. I guess I really need to do a better job with winter keeping in shape. I don’t want to burn out, but I need to not pack on a bunch of pounds and maybe do some cross training type stuff. That all sounds good, but will probably not happen any more then normal. Oh well. Maybe my time to be fast has past me by.

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3 Responses to Not sure I can get there from here

  1. cornfed says:

    Nashville is closer than Georgia… head on down for one of our gravel “training” rides sometime. We’ll help whip you into shape.

  2. bentcrank says:

    I hope to take you up on that offer. Just not sure I can keep up with you.

  3. prudogg says:

    Its not too late to be fast…you can do it…Start after the holidays. I always take a break during this time of year. Then…back to back 50 milers…with the 30 miler blasts a couple days after…all the way till spring. Through in some free weights two to three times a week till April. Your time has not past…just needs to be modified…xoxo

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