Double Dare is in the air

It must be getting close to time for the Double Dare. Temps have been dropping as fast as the leaves. Last year I froze my butt off trying to sleep so this year I  will be taking a warmer sleeping bag and more blankets. I don’t see us finishing any where near midnight, so I should have plenty of time to warm myself by the fire and get as ready for the 6am start on Sunday as I can.

After the failed attempt to get my shifting working better, I ordered even more parts. Last weekend I had a chance to straighten my drop out, put a new rear derailleur and cable on to fix the issues. I also ordered a new fork since I was done trying to ride the Dart 3. I thought that fork was not too bad until I had rode the Tower Pro all summer. I didn’t get anything too crazy as I didn’t really have the extra cash for a fork, but it seems to be a lot better then what I had. It is a Rock Shox XC/32/TK what ever that is. The biggest improvement will be the added travel. It went from a 80mm to 100mm travel and even a little lighter.

Sunday I had a little free time to get out at French Lick to give it all a good shake down ride. The shifting worked great or as good as I could expect shifting to work for me. The fork was a lot of fun going down hill. It reacted in the corners well and most of the things I really hated about the Dart were not present. This may change after a year of riding, but that probably depends on how much I am actually riding this bike over that year. I still prefer to ride the Misfit and maybe one day I will feel good enough to take it back to Pisgah, but not yet.

Maybe the stars will align for the weekend and I will be able to sleep like a baby on Saturday night after picking up 4 check points. Now that might be asking for a lot, but if I had to choose I would take the check points over the sleep. I am used to not sleeping very well. 4 Check points may be a bit much, but then again it all depends on where they are and how we are feeling. Only time will tell. See you at camp if you are heading that way, if not then you are missing out on a great weekend in the woods.

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