a little Ferdinand fun

I headed out to Ferdinand last night to meet up with the guys that are heading to Pisgah next weekend. We did some riding and some talking about our plans. I think this was the first time riding the Fuji since PMBAR. It has had a few changes done to it since then, so there were a few things that were not quite right, but overall it rolled well.

The first issue noticed was that the new seat was a little taller then what I like, so had to stop at some point and lower it a little. The next issue I noticed was that it would not shift in to the granny gear. So, I had to ride almost the whole lap in the middle ring. This was not too bad, but I am not sure if that would be ideal for Pisgah. It is funny how well your shifting can work on a stand, but when you are actually riding it, problems seem to show up. Other then that, the shifting worked fairly well except for shifting up over the cassette once. I was just glad that it didn’t break any spokes.

Up till last night I had always known that the fork was not the best out there, but I didn’t have any huge issues with it. There is some more play in it then I would like, but it does the job. After riding the Manitou on the SS all summer, I have a little different opinion on the Dart 3. That fork had a lot more issues then I have felt before. I know the front tire could have used a little more air and that might have helped some of the issues, but I know it would not have helped all of them. The problem is that I don’t think I can buy another fork like the one on the SS. Maybe I will have to keep my eye out for something that is better, but not quite that much better.

Next weekend I will be heading out to do a Laurel-Pilot loop and hope to add the Slate loop in there some place. The next day we will be doing Clawhammer-Black. I think that will give a good taste of what Pisgah can offer. If we were going to be there for more day’s there would be a lot of other sections I would try to hit, but I feel these are the top 2 trails for some first timers.

A few weeks after this trip, I will be heading back down for the Double Dare race. I know we will not be actually racing, but it will not be completely easy. My partner will already be down there since he actually lives close by. This leaves a empty seat in my car and me making the trip all by myself. So, if anyone from the southern Indiana area would like to tag along and get some riding and camping in, drop me a line and let me know. I always prefer long drives with someone to talk to.

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5 Responses to a little Ferdinand fun

  1. I’ll see you at the double dare…only to taunt you as I will not be racing!

  2. Rick says:

    I plan on meeting you guys at least one day next weekend, but hopefully both. If you want to introduce folks to Pisgah, then you gotta do Squirrel:))

    You know, I ride 1×9 here, and it’s not too bad, but I will be adding a granny for DD.

    Shoot me an email or PM from some forum to give me details of your trip and contact info so we can touch base.

  3. bentcrank says:

    I agree about Squirrel, but we only have so much time.

    Barry, we will be using the term “racing” fairly loose. More like riding and having fun.

  4. Rick says:

    Speak for yourself. I plan on winning this thing. haha.

  5. bentcrank says:

    Hell yea! I have been slacking since you only wanted 1 cp a day. Now I will be bringing better lights!

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