Making up for lost time

Well after not getting out on the bike but a few times over the last several weeks, I tried to make up for some of that this weekend. My original plan was to get 3 rides in, but thankfully that did not work out and I only did 2 rides.

Saturday I headed up to Green County for on of Damon’s county road tours with Tri-County Cycling group. This time we were going to be on road bikes, but it was still promised to be “fun”. I knew there would be a fair share of hills, but I figured the pace would not be too crazy and I should be fine.

As I figured there was some sweet hills and some good views too. Over all I felt good all the way up to the last few hills. I am sure I didn’t eat enough or drink enough and the head was starting to get to me. We also had some good sized hills more frequently. I was never in any big issue, but it still hurt. I was wore out after the ride and was very glad that my plans for another road ride in the morning had already fell threw. We ended up with 38 miles and 2,300 feet of elevation gain. A great day on the bike with some new riding friends.

Sunday was Andrew’s birthday and I had asked him earlier in the week if he wanted to make a trip back to French Lick. He was very excited about the ride and was looking forward to getting back up there. It was great to have him that excited to go. Last year when I wanted to take him up there for his second ride there, he didn’t want to go. He could still remember his wreck and was not sure about going.

We started off taking the green loop CW. He had to stop a few times to catch his breath, but once he warmed up, he did a lot better. He loved the down hill parts, but who doesn’t. He did have one corner that he took a little close and his back wheel caught a rock and made him crash and fall down in to a little valley. He said he was ok and was trying to jump back up even before he was done falling.

The corner that made him wreck last year was not an issue. He flew around it and put the hammer down. I had to consistently remind him to keep his speed under control. I was a little scary to watch him when he looked out of control, but he really did a fine job of riding.

When we hit the bottom, he said lets go for another and kept going. I had to yell at him to stop so we could take a little break. I knew once we started climbing again it would not be as easy as the down. We turned around and headed the other direction so he could try that way. He rode this section a lot better and had to stop fewer times. He had a little trouble on a few steep sections, but overall he was climbing great.

I had to keep reminding him to slow down for the down hill sections, but he didn’t have any issues and crash. He is a very good rider for the little bit that he has been in the woods. With a little bit more seat time and if he can keep from breaking anything on the down hills, he will end up to be a strong biker.

The only negative about the ride was when we got done and found hundreds of little seed ticks on our ankles. That was the worst I have had it for a long time. I am sure it had to do with all of the stopping we did. I figured after that issue he would be hesitant to go back, but he said he was ready. The only thing I see being an issue before long is that he is out growing is 24″ bike and will need to move up to a 26″ before long.

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