Not race report

This should be a race report from last weekends race, but since I did not go I can not have a race report. So, I called this a not race report. Even with the very little riding I have done in the last few weeks, I was planning on attending the re-scheduled KY race. I had spent some time truing up the back wheel and re-mounting the tire. I should have inspected my work a little closer. I was going to tune up the bike for the race and noticed that the back wheel was still very wobbly. A closer look had be thinking that the rim was not that out of true. I took the tire off and put the wheel in the truing stand. It needed a little more work, but over all was nothing to complain about. So, this left me with thinking that I had messed up my tire. I mounted it on to a different wheel using a tube and had the same result. I guess I messed up the insides of the back tire and now the tread is no longer centered in that one section.

This left me with having to choose a different back tire. It was down to a Mountain King 2.2 and a Race King 2.2. I decided to go with the Race King for a little more volume and hope the tread was good enough. I took the bike out in the drive way for the yard test and made a few more adjustments and called it good. I had all of my gear packed up and ready to load up when the time came.

Saturday I ended up helping the Cub scouts with a fund raiser for most of the morning. There was a few of the Boy scouts that were heading over to one of the kid’s houses to hang out in the pool when they were done with their stuff, so we ended up heading over there to hang out a little bit. There was a big storm that rolled threw and soaked everything. This had me second guessing the tire choice, but there was nothing to do about it now.

Sitting there, I got a text from Josh that he was not going to the race with me. This was all it took to talk me out of going. I was worn out and tired, I had not been on a bike since the Versailles race and was just not feeling it. I had no energy to go in to it pumped up. I didn’t feel like getting up early to drive to the race much less have the energy needed to race it. I preceded to drink a few more beers and no longer worry about the race.

The next day I felt bad about not going. I was disappointed in myself for putting myself in that position to begin with. I am sure it would have been a great race and I really wanted to support a race for the team that was putting it on. It has just been hard to get motivated to ride much less race and when I do want to, it seems that something else is going on and I can’t. I sure hope to get out of this slump soon!

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