Did someone say more cowbell?

I have always had some interest in cyclocross, but never wanted to drive that far to try it out. Well, it seems that I am not the only one who needed some CX closer to home.  It seems that there are a few guys that have found a place in Evansville to set up a course and start some open training nights. There are no races currently on the schedule, but they hope to get some going. Thursday’s are normally better for me in the fall, so I hope to be able to make it out for some training to get my feet wet.

I know Louisville has some races, so maybe I will make the trip and see how I fair. This is all dependent on how well the Thursday nights go. My weapon of choice or well lack of choices will be the Surly 1×1. I will be picking up some cross tires to put on there to see if that helps, but it should be a fine steed for the job. The Race King 2.0’s I currently have on there would work, but if it get’s muddy or should I say when it gets muddy, there is not much tire clearance. My gearing choice will be another issue that I will have to figure out. I know what I plan on trying first, but hard telling how long that gear set up will last. Maybe I will be lucky and it is a perfect gear, yea right.

So, if you are in the Evansville area and interested in trying cross, then there is now a place for you.

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