Good times

Thursday night Adventures Recreation was heading out for a kayak in the flood waters. I have never been on a kayak, but always wanted to try it out. So, when they said I could use a demo boat, I was in. It was a blast! We went some places that you can only do when it is flooded. Saw a cool lake spillway, some birds and a lot of other cool sights. I sure hope to get out with them again and now I have a boat on my wish list. I apparently also need a new floppy hat since I was told I looked like JJ on Good Times.

Then I needed to get my ride on. I was planning on a ride Sunday, but the weather man talked me in to going Saturday. I didn’t really feel like riding my road bike, but the trails were in bad condition. Then I had a thought that will all the flood waters, some roads and routes may not be good for the road bike. Good thing I just happen to have another bike that just might work. I grabbed the Surly and headed out for a nice little ride. The plan was to find some gravel roads.

It didn’t take long before I was on some back roads that were close enough. It was some nice rolling terrain with good views. I had been on this road before and knew that it would turn in to gravel, but was not sure exactly where it ended up. Soon enough I was rolling some sweet gravel and enjoying the ride. The gravel rolled on for a while and threw me a few tough hills. I was very happy with how the Surly was riding. It is still set up with the 1.5 cross country tires on there and the 42×18 gearing. This made a few of the hills hurt, but overall it worked out as a good gearing combo. The only think I wish would be different is if it had 29″ or 700 wheels and tires.

The ride ended up around 35 miles. It was good to get back out and I will be back to explore this new area. I might have to tie a few sections together to make a good ride, but I think it will be worth it.

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