A change in the force

PMBAR is next weekend. One week before I am heading back to the promised land. I know it will be a good time, I just hope for good enough weather and good enough fortune to grab 4 check points and get back before the time cut off. I would prefer to make it back before just about everyone is gone, but that really does not matter. The bike it kind of ready, but could still use some tweaking. I have a lot of gear to make sure and pack up too.

All of the rain we have been getting has everything wet and flooded. This also has me currently in an unscheduled taper in my so called training plan. I was feeling good about my spring condition, but the last few weeks have not felt as good. I am sure I will be able to dig deep and still put in a good enough effort next weekend, the thing I am most worried about is the following months even, the Mohican 100.

The last couple of rides had me really thinking about my chances of finishing the Mohican. I have no doubt that I could finish on my geared bike, but the SS has me a little worried. I have been feeling “it” a little more the last few rides. My hands and wrists can do it, but they hurt after the ride. I am not getting any younger and the way I treated my body as a kid is starting to come back on me. All this  and the fact that it seems the stars aligned and I did something I didn’t think I would do.

Gasp! The rigid fork is no longer on the SS. I really like riding with a rigid fork, but I think this is the best way to go for a few things. Only time will tell if I would decide to keep it on there. I realize there will be some places that I will be able to ride faster then before and not beat me up as much. I have also ordered the remote lockout for it since I think I will be using it a lot. Those things combined and the fact that it was not that much heavier then the rigid, I hope adds up to me being able to race faster. If I get to riding the way I plan, I will show up at some DINO races on the SS and not the geared bike. Most of the time I feel like I ride the SS better anyway.

Now to the actual shock. I ended up getting a Manitou Tower Pro 80mm. I thought the 100 would be too much of a change for me and the 80 is more race oriented anyway. This thing is listed as being 3.4 lbs it is not as light as the carbon fork, but it is not hear as heavy as a lot of forks. Over all it looks really nice, but the stickers had to go!

The new stickers look much better. The negatives I have about it is did not come with a star nut. I would think that part would not cost much to have in the box. Most people will need it anyway. The fork also did not come with a shock pump. I have a pump that came with the Giant, so I was not worried about it. The problem is, it seems that sitting around the work bench the gauge is not working correctly. Now I have to order a new shock pump. This is not a big deal and I am going to get a portable one so I can carry it in my pack on future rides. I have needed one on the trail before and was glad someone else had one.

I hope to get a test ride in on it soon, but not sure I will have time before next weekend. But, after I get back, it will be the only thing I ride. except the commuter or road bike, until June 5th. After that we will have to see.

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One Response to A change in the force

  1. Rick says:

    I think it’s a good decision. My wrists have felt so much better since switching from rigid.

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