Wheels keep on turning

Work, soccer, bowling and baseball have been keeping me busy and I just have not found the time to post anything. I have been getting some miles in, but they have not went as well as planned. I am doing ok, but feel more wore out then I would like. I have been climbing good, but it has been hurting.

I took a few trips to Ferdinand to check out the new section of trail. I really like the changes. Every section that has been changed does nothing but improve the trail and these are no different. It also seems that we are gaining some mileage with the re-routes over the last few years. The loop is now right around 10 miles depending on how you ride it.

I have also recently converted the Surly to more of a commuter mode. I put some smaller 1.5 tires on there and threw a big ring on the front for some more gear. The rides to and from work have been great. I hope to do more of that in the near future. The gas prices keep going up and my fitness needs to do the same. What better way to kill two birds with one stone. I just need to get some other thing to be completed to free up some running.

We are down to 1 month away from PMBAR. I sure hope that my legs and body is just needing some rest. If not, it could turn in to another very long day. I thought my miles were up from previous years and I should be feeling better, but the last few rides have felt like my August slump. The only good thing is that I have been climbing some big hills with the SS. I hope it all adds up to what I need to complete 4 check points and then to complete the 100 miles. We shall see.

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