The AHT beat down

The last two weekends had me itching fore more trail. The original plan was to head to French Lick on Sunday. Some plans had changed and some trail work was planned for Sunday, so I changed my ride date to Saturday. I thought it was time to get back to the AHT and check things out. I still have some unfinished business out there and getting lost in one section, so I had hoped to figure that out.

The weather was great! The trail was in good condition for everything except a few wet spots. The wet spots were not too bad or often, so a few extra areas to walk didn’t bother me. Speaking of walking, this place is full of sections that you have the chance to get some walking in.

One of the tough creek crossings

Once again this place did not disappoint. My plan is to get to know that place like the back of my hand. I really need to be able to go down there and do more then one lap and I have yet to do a full lap.

I was feeling good about how I rode the last two weekends, so I decided to take my SS. I don’t know how much this made a difference, but I was sure wore out quick. I had to kick enough trail that my calf’s hurt so bad it reminded me of going up Black for PMBAR. This was not good, but it made me smile. I knew I was doing what was planned. I need to make sure to get in as good of condition for PMBAR as I can. No better way to build hiking legs then by pushing my bike up some crazy steep hills.

As I was getting close to my area of getting lost, I could hear some chain saws and stuff running. I finally got to a point where I could see the tractor moving the logs and some huge trees falling. I thought maybe the trail would go around them, but I just kept getting closer and closer. The trail looked like it would take me right to them and knowing that the area I got lost was at a logging road intersection, I figured I better make this loop an out and back.

By the time I got back to the car I was spent. I hope I was just not rested up enough and will do better on the next ride. The section I ended up with was right at 16 miles round trip. The computer had be climbing 2500 feet of elevation for those 16 miles. Not to bad!

There are some good views

Sunday morning came way too soon and before I knew it, I was headed out to Ferdinand Forest. I was running a little late, so everyone else was already in the woods. I took the long hike out to the work site and began benching. I was hurting very early in the work day, but I did what I could. The 4 of us finished up the re-route that was started the weekend before. Then we cut out a couple of trees that had been a problem. I can’t wait to ride these two new sections for the first time. It looks like it will ad a little bit of trail and a lot of fun to that section. It is great all the changes that have happened out there over the last few years. It just keeps getting better and better.

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