I took a trip to Pisgah last weekend. The rain was not looking good, but it was supposed to be better then it ended up. I normally don’t know what to think about the weather down there. As wrong as they get it here, it is off even more there.

I hope to have a full post with all of, or well some of the details from the weekend other then the fact that it was wet and so was I. I face planted shortly in to the first day’s ride and I have decided that I just might want a suspension fork for my SS if I would ever decide to take it down there again.

Pilot Cove was not my friend. I am just glad that the rock took it easy on me.

I guess I have to post more often if I don’t want to fall off of Dicky’s blog list.

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4 Responses to Pisgah!

  1. clay says:

    Suspension is overrated, Pilot Cove is not!

    Good job riding in that weather! No way I was going out on a bike in that!

  2. bentcrank says:

    I believe I have seen a boingy device attached to the front of your bike before 😉

  3. clay says:

    That thing seriously hasn’t held oil or air since the wild100, lol… I want a carbon one so bad!

    Next time you are down here drop me a line.

  4. bentcrank says:

    That is one of the main reasons I even tried a rigid fork.

    If I consider that the other guy with me had a fs bike and had to shake out his arms too, maybe a fork would not make as much of a difference as I thought. The biggest thing would be when I am bombing down a hill and mess up my line and see a big rock in front of me, I would have a better chance.

    Will do! I think the next trip is PMBAR

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