A little trail work

So, after last weeks night ride, I figured I better do my part and help out with some trail work at Ferdinand. Five of us worked for 4 hours and got a lot more benching done then I thought. I can not wait to check out this new section. There is another section to be done yet too. This trail just keeps getting better every year.

On Sunday I had a few things going on in the morning so I could not help out. When I finally got back home, I had a few bike things to take care of. I started swapping out my tires for the Death March. With them being tubeless it is not near as easy to do as just taking them off and putting the new ones on. It was not that hard, but still something I could not do with out some planning.

This process made me notice an issue that needed to be addressed. My back wheel had a broken spoke. So, I could not put the new tire on there until I fixed the wheel. I will say that the new front tire is much smaller then the Mountain King 2.4 that was on there. The less rolling resistance should really help in the gravel miles.

While I had the stuff out, the rear tire on the SS has needed some attention. I had it converted to a tubeless using the ghetto method and it does not hold all of  its air long enough. In the middle of this process I had an idea. The 2.2 that was on there had seemed a little on the small side on some rides. I just happened to have an unused 2.4 laying there still covered in Stans. So, I put it on there to see how it looked. WOW, that tire is huge! After putting it on the bike, I had some second guesses about doing it and will probably change it back. I did not have an issue with the 2.2 on either set of wheels I had been using and the 2.4 runs a little tight on clearance depending on what gear ratio I have on there.

I need to get that taken care of fairly soon since I am headed toward heaven next weekend. I just hope that the weather works out and we don’t end up having rain pouring down on us all weekend. The only good thing about this trip compared to the last time it rained on us is we have a hotel and are not camping in a flooded tent.

I am taking the new SS down there to see if I can actually ride it down there. The long term goal is to ride it for PMBAR and I am signed up for the Mohican in the SS class, so I better figure out how doable it will be. I think I would have done a little better last year on my SS or at least it sounds good in my head. That is why I am testing the waters before the main event. I have picked up a nice new rear cog that looks like it could be used with the cranks, but it will be placed on the back.

Sorry these updates are not as timely that I would like. I need to work on that.

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