Into the night

I received an unexpected text Wednesday asking about doing a night ride at French Lick. Wednesday is not the easiest day for me to do things since I am usually taking care of the boys and making sure their stuff gets done.  But, after some sweet talking and the ride start time being a little later, I was granted a pass to hit the trails. So, I headed home for lunch and made sure my bike and gear was in good enough condition to ride. I had to change a tube on the front of my SS from the last ride I went on. I really need to make my new wheel set tubeless.

So, I busted home from work and made sure to get the things done that I needed to do. Loaded up the car and when the time was right, I headed toward the lake. I met up with ICS Scott and Damon. We geared up and hit the trail. The big question before we started was what to wear. It was fairly warm so it was shorts and a short sleeve jersey. I had arm warmers and knee warmers packed in my camelbak just in case, but they were never needed. There is something odd about riding in short sleeves and shorts in the middle of February.

This whole event started because it was determined that French Lick had the best trail conditions in the whole state of Indiana and some of Kentucky. We were very pleased with the trail conditions. There were a few soft spots and stuff, but overall the trail was perfect and so was the company. Nothing better to be doing in February. I hope this hold out for a little while so the riding stays good.

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One Response to Into the night

  1. cornfed says:

    Winter time night rides are truly special events. Happy you were able to take full advantage of one!

    We were discussing doing more night rides on a perfect temped 70 degree killer LBL N/S trail ride today. 36+ miles and the pup is still going. He’s a beast!

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