Time sure flies

I can’t believe that I have not posted for so long. I was sick for over a week after my last posted ride. I don’t blame the ride, it just happens. It has been happening a lot around here lately. That does not mean that I have not done anything since then, I have just been too busy to get something posted.

Last Monday I made a last minute decision to get out for a night ride. There were a lot of firsts done that night Most things went well and overall it was a good ride. This was my first night ride of the year. This was my first ride using my new Bar Mitts. This was my first ride using my new Tri-Newt light.

The Bar Mitts worked great! They were not that easy to put on the bars when I got there. Mainly because it was on the dark side and my car was not giving off enough light. I used my normal full finger gloves that I had been using all summer and for most of the ride I am sure I could have gone with out having any gloves on and still been warm. They took a little bit more to put your hand back in them, but not much more. The only complaint I had about them were the little strap on the inside was right on my palms.

The Tri-Newt worked out good. The blue light did not stay on very long in to the ride, but after I switched it to the low light, it lasted for the rest of the ride and would have gone longer. I was not too worried about the battery life, since I did not charge it and hard telling when the last time it was charged.

Friday night I got a message from Scott that he was was going to pass through French Lick and wanted to meet up for a ride. The trail was in good condition. I would say it was about 98%, but there were a few sections that were on the soft side and actually border line too soft. But, we were not leaving deep tracks and someone else was there before us and left deeper tracks then we were. Most of the soft spots were the usual sections.

The Bar Mitts did a great job again and kept my hands toasty for the whole ride. The Tri-Newt did a great job again and the blue light lasted for the entire ride. Now granted I did keep the light on the low setting, but I figured I needed a light that lasted a long time and wanted to see how long it would last. I guess I should have seen how long it lasted on the brighter setting first since I was not out there for the 5+ hours it is supposed to last.

A quick note on the “Season”. I guess it is official that there is a season since I have now signed up for 3 races. First I will be hitting up the Death March with Damon. Then we will be heading down to Brevard to see if we can finish PMBAR. Those two items have been on the list for a while now, but since I have actually signed up, they are a little more concrete. Speaking of things being concrete, I also decided to sign up for 1 more race. I have been wanting to do a big race for a few years and it seems this year is finally it. I have signed up for the Mohican. That alone is a big event. If you add to the fact that I registered for the SS class, it becomes a little bigger deal. I just hope I can get in good enough condition in that short of time to be able to finish the 100 miles on my SS. The only bad thing about signing up for that is I didn’t realize it was going to be on the same weekend as the BCSP Dino race. I don’t think I will be racing 100 miles on Saturday in Ohio and then racing a XC race in Indiana the next day.

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