Hickory tour with some views

I headed out Sunday for the ride that we were supposed to have the week before. It was great to get on the bike for a birthday ride. Damon and myself parked at the Hickory fire tower and took in some views. It was a bit cold at the start of the ride and I was wishing my new barmitts were in. Damon was a good sport and ended up swapping gloves with me after a while. He said it was because he felt sorry for me, but when I put the gloves on, I knew it was because his hands were too hot. The gloves were some Pearl Izumi winter gloves that I had my eye on before I saw the barmitts. They were very nice and toasty.

While we were out there we figured we would take in a few of the cemetery views. The whole trip was more then worth it when we figured out where a wrong turn was being made. I had an issue last year trying to ride the Breakdown and actually got lost twice before getting out of there. After the ride I had it narrowed down to one intersection that had to be wrong. I voiced my opinion that I had already been that way and it was not the right direction. But, we went ahead and checked it out. I could have just missed another turn off the last time I was there. I told him if we ride up on to a house, I was turning back around and figuring out where we went wrong. Sure enough we rolled up in to someones yard.

We turned around and took the fairly long ride back up the hills to the intersection in question. We went the other direction and with in minutes we were at the intersection that we thought we were at before. That alone was worth the trip. Now I know that I was not fully nuts out there.

Overall it was a great day on the bike. I love riding in snow and the company could not have been better. I could do with out the nagging cough that I have picked up since then that seems to have turned in to a full blown cold, but what else do I want to do in January.

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One Response to Hickory tour with some views

  1. Looks like it was a very pretty ride. Must’ve been nice to get out!

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