Ice Cubes

Last weekends scouting trip was cancelled because of knee issues. I switched gears from the long gravel route to hitting up Ferdinand with the new bike. Some gear swapping was done and I was basically ready to head out.

The trip there was not bad and I didn’t have any trouble with the roads. I geared up and headed out on Foxey Hollow. It was great to see that the big tree had been cleared. I am sure Ralph took care of that.  A big THANKS goes out to you! The trail was riding very good and all seemed to be going good.

After the first down hill I started to notice that my fingers were getting pretty cold. I figured it would be fine in a little bit when I was climbing. But it did not get any better. Actually it got much worse. I still had thoughts that they would warm up. I went as far as I could go until I was really starting to worry about how bad my hands hurt. I could hardly hold on to the bars and there was no chance of using the brakes. So I reluctantly turned around and started heading back. I ended up walking a lot of the hills because my hands hurt to climb.

As I sat in my car trying to warm my hands, I found it humbling just how fast a good ride can change to a bad ride. I was just so excited to be riding my new bike again and I found it funny that it came to mind that the only two rides I have done on it were going to be kick ass snow rides. I guess I didn’t remember that part when I was not sure if I had messed up my hands or not.

I knew it would be cold, but I knew what gear to put on and I thought I would be good enough. I even had my Endura gloves on. I have always thought they were my warmest gloves that I had. Maybe they are, but I now know they are not warm enough for 18 degrees and breezy.

I now have a pair of Barmitt’s on the way.

I am excited about the possibilities these will bring to riding. The only other thing that would be great is to get a nice pair of winter boots. But until then, I have to settle for my shoe and toe covers.

I have a new map put together for the Death March. I think it has everything on it that I need to be as successful as I can. Maybe next weekend I can do some map testing and scouting.

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