Green County back roads

I was hoping to get a ride in for the last day of the year or the first day. The weather had been too warm all week for any hope of hitting the woods, so when my Death March partner said he was going for one of his county road rides, I knew I was in. I did some of the same route last spring before PMBAR, so I knew there was plenty of options to get some climbing in and that we did.

There was some sections of the route that is used in the Hilly Hundred on both days. We did hit up some gravel roads, but the were a little on the wet side, so we stayed on roads with less dirt. It was a great day on the bike to finish out the year. We ended up just short of 35 miles.

We even saw Sasquach

We are signed up for the Death March, so a scouting trip is being planned. If you plan on attending this event and have not signed up yet, you better not wait. The word is out on this and spaces are filling up.

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