Behind or ahead?

I am trying to figure out if I am just behind times or so far ahead of the curve. It seems that everyone is getting some new kicks for the next season.

Here is Dicky’s new shoes

I did have a few different models in my radar. The Pear Izumi shoes that I tried on were too small. They were the size that I have been riding in all of my other shoes, so I was not exactly sure how the next size up would fit. Then I remembered Dicky talking about the Razor’s and thought I would look in to them. I did some checking and it seems that there were different opinions on the internet as to how the Mavic sizing runs. I did not want to order a pair of shoes that ended up being too small.

This was going to be my plan until I did some ebay searching. I already knew that I really liked the way my current shoes fit. I was also very happy with how well they have held up. I believe I picked these shoes up in 2005. I was trying to stick with ordering from my local shop, but when I found a deal on the same model shoes that I currently have, I felt that risking the fitting was not worth it.

Here are my new kicks

They are in a new color for me so it is not like just having the same old shoes, but they are just like the ones I currently have. The only issue I have noticed is they don’t have 5 years worth of breaking in done to them. They are a little snug, but I am sure they will ride just fine.

So, they may not be as cool and high tech as what the other guys are getting, but maybe I am just so far ahead of the fashion curve that I went behind for my choice. We will see who stands alone in their own shoes.

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