Snow Ride

Several things worked out this week and my new steed was up and rolling on Saturday. It was rainy and warm enough to keep me from heading out for a test ride. Looking at the forecast it looked like the temps were going to drop a lot over night and some possible snow. I thought if it got cold enough, I could head out for a ride. When I woke up, it didn’t look too white out side and I didn’t feel the urge to head out. But, as I drank my coffee and took care of some stuff, the snow started to fall even more.

I love riding in the snow and with a new bike I was just itching to try out, my mind was made up. I loaded up and headed to Ferdinand as soon as I could. The snow was really coming down at times and there were some sections of road that was covered. I knew I was in for a good ride.

The trails were in great shape and full of snow. The new bike was riding great and I was having a blast. I could not believe how light the bike rode. I knew it was lighter then the 1×1, but I never thought I would be able to tell on the trail. Even with the trail conditions, the lack of riding in general much less at Ferdinand and the fact that I was rolling a bigger gear, there were several times that I thought I needed a bigger gear. I sure hope this is a trend that will keep up. I need to be able to roll a bigger gear if I want to keep improving on some of the longer rides. I will say that I was very happy with my riding. I could make it up all of the hills except for two. One of them I had too much trouble keeping traction and the other had a stick hanging out across the trail.

I did figure out something I want to adjust on the bike fit, but it should not be that big of a deal. The front end felt like it was riding a little too high like the Fuji normally felt. I just flipped the stem on the Fuji to see if it gives me more of the ride that I am used to with my other bikes, so I will make the same change with this bike. Other then that, the only thing I need to get used to is putting the water bottle back. There is less room to play with then what I am used to, but it will fit and works just fine. I figure that part of my problem was the winter gloves that I had on and the numb fingers. I can hardly wait for my next ride.

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