Looking back

Now that my “season” is over, I thought I would look back over my shoulder and see where I had been. I started off kind of slow, but built up speed as the year went. I still think I could have done better in all of my events, but I am sure just about everyone could say that. I raced in Cat 2 for most of the races if they didn’t have a SS class.

2010 Results

4/18 Brown County TT – DRT 18 age / 49 overall

5/1 PMBAR – Pisgah Productions – 54th

6/6 Brown County – DINO 16 age / 82 overall

6/19 French Lick – DINO 10 age / 46 overall

7/4 Mustcatatuck – DINO 11 age / 44 overall

7/25 Versailles – DINO 11 age / 52 overall

8/1 Waverly Park – KY 4 SS

8/7 England-Idlwild – KY 7 SS

8/29 Southwest Way – DINO 13 age / 54 overall

11/27 Gravel Grovel – Story, IN  7 SS / 77 overall

I would like to thank all of the people who have helped me out this year.
I could not have done everything with out you.

That is the year in a nut shell. I had some plans to do a few other events that just didn’t work out. My plan for next year is to get in better shape then this year and I hope to put more of an effort in to racing with my SS. I am not sure all events would be a good choice for that, but we will see how well I am riding at the time. There are a couple of items that are penciled in on my must do list and a few that are on my would like to do list. The problem is that not all of the schedules are out yet, so it is hard to say what kind of overlap will be there and what race I will hit if there is.

The must do list:

Death March

The maybe list:

Cohutta 65
Mohican 100
Lock 4 6 hour
Swank 65

I know there will be a lot more items added to the maybe list and some items add to the will do list, but how many is hard to tell. Either way it is time to start getting in shape!

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