The slow time of the year

This time of the season it seems to slow down on my riding. I hope to do a lot of winter training every year, but it usually does not work out the way I hope. Also, with the year almost over I begin to look at next year. I have no idea why I worry about what I might do next year because most of the time it does not work out.

I do have some things on the list that I don’t want to miss, but until the full schedule is out there I just don’t know. I anxiously await all of the races to put out the schedule only to stare at it all winter and still make changes of what I will race when the time comes.

Last weekend I saw last minute something about a 6 hour race in TN. I have heard about it before, but for some reason I decided to look closer at it. I could not believe it when I figured out just how close it was and suddenly had glazed over eyes about making the trip for the race. My body on the other hand did not think the same as I did. I have no idea what I did, but my neck and upper back started to hurt real bad on Tuesday. It felt like I was in a car wreck and could not look side to side. It could have been from my not so graceful dismount off of the rock wall at French Lick, but it is hard to say.

As the week went on I was feeling better and still had some hope to make the trip, but Friday morning came and I was still feeling that riding a rigid bike for 1 hour much less 6 hours was not a good idea. So, I scraped the idea of racing the Lock 4 Challenge. I hope to pencil that in a little sooner on my schedule for next year. (There I go again…..)

Even though I didn’t race I sure didn’t take it easy on myself. Saturday afternoon I spent several hours crawling around in my attic running speaker wires so I could have my surround sound fully set up and not all of the speakers in front of me. I felt good to actually have that done since it was not in the plans right up to 20 min. before I started working on it.

Sunday was not much easier. We had a family breakfast at my parents house and after we were done the plan was to put down the upstairs bathroom floor. I will not say that I was excited about this, but I didn’t think it would be too terrible. Well, apparently the little snap together floor pieces didn’t want to be so nice. Things would go really good for a little bit and then we would have a piece that just would not work. Overall it did go fairly smooth, but took way longer then I ever imagined it would. The good thing is that it is done and looks very nice. The best thing is my mom is happy!

Thanksgiving weekend I have gone and signed up for the Gravel Grovel again. This year should be much better since it is on Saturday and not Friday. But for some reason I went and signed up for the SS class. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but the thing I don’t like about riding my SS is spinning out on the flats, so we will have to see what I think about my choice after the race.

After this race I have no more plans on the calendar for this year. I hope to catch a shuttle ride to Pisgah, but not sure if that will happen or not. I also would like to make the trip down there next spring for the Pisgah 36, but just to ride and cheer on all the fools. I don’t have near enough battery life to even think about something like this.

Next year I still plan on racing my SS more. I hope to race more of the Kentucky races since they have a SS class. I will have to see how well I am riding to decide if I will race any Dino races with my SS or use the geared bike. I also hope to work my way up to attempting PMBAR with the SS. I may be dumb, but that is does not shock me.

This brings me to my next issue to ponder over all winter. I would really like to get a 29er SS frame to ride and not ride the 1×1 with the 29″ wheels. It works, but there are some issues. I am just not sure what 29er frame it will be. There are a few options that I really would love to have, but as usual funding is not the greatest. So, it all depends on how much I can stash away before I run across a used frame dirt cheap since I am not the most patient person out there. It is crazy how expensive even some used SS frames are. I can get a good FS geared frame for the same price or even less. One would think that shock would add to the cost, but I guess it is a supply and demand issue.

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