The Double Don’t

This weekend was the Pisgah Productions Double Dare Race back after taking a year off. But, for me the weekend seemed to be filled with a bunch of don’ts. I still had a good weekend overall. There were plenty of good times, good people and good rides to be had.

  • Don’t show up a day early and ride.
  • Don’t bring a Pisgah newbie to a Pisgah Productions event no matter what your expectations are.
  • Don’t climb Bennett or Buckwheat because they both look to be more fun the other way.
  • Don’t leave your extra blanket in the car when you go to sleep.
  • Don’t sit on the open side of the fire. There is a reason that it is still open.
  • Don’t expect gas stations to be open at 2 am or any place that would have a bathroom.
  • Don’t believe that all Walmart’s are open 24 hours.
  • Don’t forget to consider who is giving you trail loop suggestions.\
  • Don’t forget to turn the lock out on your fork back off before you ride Farlow Gap.
  • Don’t expect a pad lock to close if the combination is still selected.
  • Don’t put your tent up on the shaded side of the area when it will get damn cold at night.
  • Don’t expect tent zippers to work correctly when there is frost on them.
  • Don’t leave the extra front wheel at home.
  • Don’t think that you will ever be able to ride in Pisgah like Wes Dickson and company.

With all that negative one would think that it was a bad weekend. This is just not true. I still had a good weekend. I didn’t ride as much as I normally do down there, but still rode some good trail.

I will have to really think if I am going to try and enter the Double Dare again, but that would not keep me from joining in on the gathering. I am already thinking about trying to make a trip for the Pisgah 36 to hang out and have some more fun.

I am down to one more event planned for the year and have to still make some decisions on what to do with that. Then I have to try and figure out what to do from there and in to next year. Too many things to think about to worry about them now.

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2 Responses to The Double Don’t

  1. clay says:

    I was looking for you out there. Sorry to hear about your mishaps!

  2. bentcrank says:

    It is alright. I saw you guys getting ready before the race and didn’t want to bother you while you were getting your game face on with the natty lights.

    We went with the plan of just getting the mandatory cp and seeing what else was close. There was no idea of actually being competitive.

    In hind sight, I should have at least gone solo on Saturday. Not sure I would have crawled out of the bag at 5:30 on Sunday.

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