Still wore out

I had to work Saturday morning and as I sat there, I got the urge to go ride.  I checked out the schedule and weather and it looked to be the better day to ride. So, after I left work I loaded up and headed to French Lick since it was close and I didn’t want to be gone all day.

I decided to take the 1×1 since I just rode the Fuji and I didn’t want anything to happen to it before this weekend. I was excited to see how she rolled with the 29″ wheels. I packed quickly and was there before I knew it. It was not as early as normal, but it seemed that the sign in sheet had everyone that was out there back in already. I geared up and headed out for what was supposed to be an empty trail.

I went left and took the first entrance to the blue section. I did have the place to myself for most of the first lap. I started running in to several groups of hikers and only one other biker. The trails were in great condition and still leaf covered, but starting to clear up from the traffic.

It did not take me long to figure out that maybe I should not have been out for a ride. My legs were very tired from the late night ride at Hickory. It was from two separate issues. One was the sure volume of huge hills that we climbed and the other was the fact that I was still behind on sleep. I thought for sure I would pass out early Friday, but it didn’t work out that way. Then I got up too early on Saturday and headed to work.

To add to all of those issues keeping me from riding as strong as I wanted, half way threw my ride I began to think about the gearing that was on the 1×1. The plan was to gear up a little and start working a bigger gear. I had already picked up a 34t for the 26″ wheels, but have yet to put it on. So, as my weary mind thought about what ended up on the bike, I realized that I might have gone a bit much. I kept the 32×18 gearing on there that I had with the 26″.  I have been told that a 32×20 on a 29er is about the same as 32×18 on a 26er.

So, if I think about my bmx day’s and always being told that one tooth in the back is like 2 teeth in the front. I then thought about the 2 more teeth in the back that it was supposed to feel like. That meant it should feel like I added 4 teeth to the front ring. That means I was riding a 36×18 on a 26″ bike. I did not plan on going up 4 teeth, only 2. So, that might be a bit more of a change then I was ready for. I know my legs were still very tired and I still rode everything, it just hurt a lot.

I think my next plan is to try and switch to a 34×20 gear. That might be closer to what I really wanted to change to and should give me some options for a 32×20 if that does not work out.

I can hardly wait for this weekend!!!! Not only is it Double Dare weekend, but I get to spend the weekend in Pisgah. The race and everything else going on is just gravy on top of a great time to be had. It will be good to get Marshall on some of the trails we will be racing on next spring. The plan is to finish and have fun, but I am not sure that finishing will be easy. I figure the mandatory check points will not be real close to the start/finish area. So, that is the main goal and then to pick up any other check points that would be on the way or way back. The only thing that is a must is to ride my bike on trails in Pisgah and have a good time doing it. That should not be hard to do.

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2 Responses to Still wore out

  1. nick leonard says:

    good luck at double dare! i would get lost out there for sure! heck last time we where on a gravel road in a car simply looking for a trail head and thought we were lost. passing a search and rescue team practicing with their dogs on the way in didn’t help our mental state any (didn’t find out they were practicing until later that day).

  2. bentcrank says:

    Thanks! I can still get lost, but know enough to eventually make it back to the car. But, we will be in an area I don’t spend as much time in.

    Marshall on the other hand might be in for some “fun”.

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