getting mooned

Well the stars aligned and in a short amount of time I was packing, getting the bike rolling and then rolling down the road. I was headed to Hickory for some much needed redemption for my riding there. One difference is that I will be riding at night this time. What better way to ride a trail that you have a history of getting lost in for a night ride.

So, plans were made and I figured out how I was going to get where I was going and met up with Scott for an epic night ride. To make matters seem even worse, I realized that my trail map was sitting on the table at home and not in the car with me heading to the trail head. Scott knows the area well enough that we would be good just as long as Scott doesn’t drop me too bad or at least waits up for me often.

The ride was just about perfect for a night ride. The moon was almost full and was very big and bright. We kept our eyes open for HMBA signs that were left over from the Breakdown. Most of the trail had been cleaned up, but we did find a few signs left.

We had to make a choice about when to start to head back and I don’t think we did it a minute too soon. I had been trying to save my bar light since I was spending a lot of time climbing and my battery for the bar light does not last that long. It was a good thing that I was saving it because I needed it with about a half hour left in the ride. It turns out that my HID does not last 4 hours any more. It made it a little past 3.5 hours, but ran out before we were back at the car. I did have a back up battery for the bar light that I didn’t get out, but it was not easy seeing where I was going with only my weak light. I really need to find another good light to make my set complete.

Well I know have less then 1 week before I will be loading and packing for the Double Dare. I am looking forward to being down there again and getting some good riding in. The camping should be a good time too with the fall gathering going on. I am sure it will be a weekend full of shenanigans.

On a side note, anyone with a small (or a short medium) SS 29er frame and or fork for sale, drop me a message. I prefer steel over aluminum. If you are looking for a 18″ Surly 1×1, I hope to have an extra to get rid of soon.

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