wheels spinning around

I headed back up to French Lick last weekend because I didn’t really know what else to do. Both bikes were in a world of hurt and I didn’t feel like driving very far with the chance that my bike will not make it 5 miles. The SS held up like a champ and gave me a good ride.

Before the ride, I started working on the bikes. The front wheel was put back on the Fuji and the new 20er front wheel was mated up with a brand new X King 2.4 front tire. I had not used a X King before, but the tread looked very good for a front tire. I had a little issue with the front wanting to slide out on me, but I am not sure it can’t be fixed. It hit me later in the ride that I had this pumped up to the same psi I was running the Mountain King 2.4, but this tire was running a tube and not the Stan’s. I remember running a little more pressure with the Stan’s then I did with the tube. So, I  hope when I fix that, it makes it all better.

After the ride, I stole the crank arms from the SS and put them on the Fuji. The plan I had for getting some 175 mm crank arms did not work out, so I had to go with what I have available. I have another set of 175’s in the works, but not sure when I will get them.

The other thing that needed to be completed for the Fuji was to re-seal the back tire. It was loosing air over time and I really did not want to chance it in the woods at Pisgah. So, I broke the seal and added some fresh sealant.  Since I had everything out for the one wheel, I figured I would try to get the new 29″ back wheel done up with the ghetto tubeless method. It did not seat up as nice, but eventually I had it holding air. I had to trim the excess tube off, but it seems to be working.

With this wheel having a tire and holding air, I could not help myself from seeing if it would fit in the 1×1 frame. Sure enough, I could get everything tightened up and still had room left for the tire. That will be the next test to see how well it rolls with 29″ wheels on the front and back.

I finally got the freewheel off of the back wheel and took it apart. I have since then got the new rim laced up to the hub and spinning good, but not with out incidence. I had to re-lace half of the wheel because I started the spokes one hole off of where they should be and the tension was not working out. It was an easy fix and seems like it will be a nice set of wheels, for someone.

One more week and I will be headed to Brevard for the Double Dare. The weather does not look too bad yet, but either way it will be a fun weekend!

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