should be called the Brokedown

I think the Brown County Breakdown has a new name and is now called the Broke-down. My body has been beat all week. I think I am getting close to feeling back to normal, but I still have not rode a bike yet, so hard telling. To add to my body, my bikes seem to be broke down too. I have a lot of work to do to them.

I went to finally do some work last night and was welcomed with more of a mess then I planned on having. It seems that my back tire does not like holding air. I don’t know how many rides I have done on that wheel where the tire will be flat the day or two after the ride. I had hoped to work on the Fuji, but as I tried to move the 1×1, it was obvious that the tire was flat. I put some air in it to see how quickly it runs out. I really do not want to put another tube in there right now.

I picked up some spokes this weekend so I can lace up the new rim to the back wheel. I also still need to get that freewheel off of there so I can put the new one on. The plan is to make the wheel set tubeless after the new rims are built.

The other plan was to take the crank set off of the Giant and swap it out for the set on the Fuji. I recently realized that the Fuji is wearing some 170 mm crank arms.  I normally ride 175 mm and thought that may be the reason my legs don’t seem to work as well on that bike. The problem is that when I put the new bottom bracket on the Giant, I had some issues getting it on and it seems that it is stripped out and my tool will not work to take them off. So, I will have to pass on that idea and find time to put the cranks back on the Giant.

I did get a new set of 29er wheels, so I should be able to put the front wheel back on the Fuji. I also need to work on making the new front wheel tubeless so it can be put on the 1×1 until the new 29er frame if acquired. I also need to get another pair of grips so I am not sharing the same set for two bikes. The problem is I am not sure what to get. I loved the Ergon grips when I put them on there, but the last few really big rides I have done on the SS have left my hands blistered.  Before I figured it was the gloves that I was using since they were wore out. I picked up a new set of gloves and had the same issues last weekend. Maybe I am just getting soft.

The reason I need to get the Fuji up and running is because the Double Dare will be here real soon. I am not ready to attempt Pisgah on a SS yet, much less two big days back to back. I am really looking forward to this event. It is not like we have a chance of winning or anything as the main goal is to finish. This event is not so much about results as it is just having a great weekend camping with a bunch of friends and riding on my favorite trails to ride. This will be a good time for the other half of my team to see just what this Pisgah thing is really all about.  It will not be the same with out hiking up Black to start the day off, but I am sure there will still be some great trails to ride.

Speaking of great trails to ride in Pisgah, I have a feeling this will be a first time for me to check one out myself. Looking at past years info, it seems that there is always a possibility to ride Farlow Gap. I have yet to ride this section of trail. I have been all around it and even at one of the trail heads, but I have yet ventured down the crazy, technical rocky section that everyone talks about. So, this should be interesting for sure. I just hope I can figure out all of the trail intersections and actually read my map correctly.

On a side note, with some of the parts coming together I would think that a new 29er would be in my near future. So, if anyone is interested in a 18″ Surly 1×1 frame/fork and or a sweet, freshly built set of 26″ SS wheels with DMR hubs, feel free to let me know.  Also, if you happen to have a small, steel 29er SS frame/fork to get rid of cheap (or trade for a 1×1) lets talk.

I am trying to figure out where to ride tomorrow and what bike to use. Some of that depends on if I get either bike rolling tonight.

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