Buffalo ride

I was limited on the amount of time I had to ride, so it was decided to head up to French Lick and ride the Buffalo Trace Trail. Damon has not been there since it opened, so there was a lot of trail he has not seen. I believe that he really liked the trails, but I knew he would. That place is so much fun and has some great little views for not having any big views. We ended up doing a figure 8 in both directions so he could see all the trail. Each direction has its own good things to see, so it is well worth heading both ways.

It started to rain some time as we were starting the second lap. The tree cover did a great job of keeping the rain off of us, but we still were getting wet. The trails really needed some moisture. There were two other groups of 2 out there riding and only saw a little bit of them. We did take our time and took a couple of pictures and videos. I will try to get them posted on here, but it will not let me link to the video from facebook.

Damon did get a video of me riding the log ride, but it was not my best pass at it. I had a hand dab at the start, but kept going and made it all the way. I also had a scary moment on the first lap. I went in to the rock garden fairly hot and having a good time, but as I was exiting the rocks I caught a glimpse of a sapling on the right side of the trail. There was not much I could do about it at that point, but hold on and hope I didn’t hit it. I am sure I only had a couple of inches from the bars hitting that tree, but they didn’t hit. I had to stop down the trail a little bit for a whew moment. That was the closest I have been to crashing hard in a while. I imagine it would have been something like Dicky’s big crash from the weekend, but with out the video reference.

I was glad that my bike held up for the ride. It had a lot of issues, but I didn’t have time to try and fix any of them before the ride. I hope to get it put together tonight so it is ready for the Breakdown this weekend. I started working on part of it Sunday, but nothing is working. Both wheels have a good wobble in them, the back tire goes flat, the pedals squeak bad and the brakes have been squealing for a while.

I took the back wheel off so I could take care of a few of those things. My freewheel was not rolling very good and lots of gunk comes out of it as it spins. I tried pulling it off with the thought of replacing it, but one of the 4 pawls busted off as I was trying to remove it. I tried a few other things, but finally gave up on it. I know I can get it off, but I am worried that something else might break. I had spokes tinging when I was working on it. I do have new rims that need to be put on those hubs, but I am not ready to do that this week. So, the plan is to ride the old freewheel this weekend and worry about it next week.

The good news was that there was a lot more brake pad left then I thought there would be. I guess I just have to deal with the noise. I also tried to true up the wheel after I took the tire off, but I am having some trouble getting the nipples to turn. The eyelets are pulling out of the rim and causing some issues. I just hope it makes it for another ride.

Speaking of the ride, I will be riding in the Brown County Breakdown this weekend. The trails will be a lot dryer then last year. This should help with getting more miles completed. The plan is to do more then last year. I ended up missing a turn a few times in Hickory, but still ended up with 77 miles. This year I hope to go for the 100. I am not sure how well that will work for me, but I have to try.

Next week I will tear down the SS and try to get it ready for more winter rides. I will then be riding the Fuji again for a few weeks. I will be going to the Double Dare in Pisgah for Halloween and don’t think I am ready to SS down there yet. Maybe I will be ready for PMBAR next year, or at least I hope so.

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