Rocking in the free world

Sunday we ended up having some free time in the afternoon, so my plan was to take my wife and son out for a trail ride. Well Aj was not feeling well and did not want to go. Thanks to Nanny, we ended up still being able to go. This was the first ride in the woods that Becky has been on in several years. By several, I mean there may have been 2 or 3 times in the last 12 years that she has been in the woods. Several of those years not even getting on a bike.

We went to French Lick to maximize the amount of fun she would have. The ride was great and the weather was perfect. She rode awesome for not being on a bike in a while. She seemed to be pumped and ready to go back again. I will have to plan another time to get her up there and keep the bug going. We completed the main loop each direction getting in about 10 miles.

The whole ride went great right up to the end. The plan was to just stay behind her and go at the pace she wanted. This worked for 3/4 of the ride. When she decided it was ok for me to go in front it was all down hill. Really. We were headed down the pine tree side of the loop. I kept pulling away and having a hard time going slow. I got an idea at some point to drop in the south entrance of the new loop and climb back up. I was going to stop a minute and let her know what I was doing, but I was in front of her a bit and figured I would just bust it down the hill and holler at her going the other way.

This was still some what of a good idea right up to the point that I didn’t see her going the other way. I bombed down the tight tech stuff up to where it flattened out some and decided I better turn around. I preceded to bust it back up the entrance to the main look. I stopped for a second and then decided to go back towards her. I went a short way and started to panic that she had already gone by. So, I turned around and bombed down the trail. I went past the short cut and almost to the switch backs in the pines.  I stopped and tried to hear her riding, but I heard nothing.

I really started to freak out at this point and wondered if maybe she wrecked or heard me on the other trail and took the wrong turn. This time I really busted it back up the hill. I don’t remember the last time I climbed that strong and went all the way back to the north entrance of the new loop. That was the place that I last saw her. I then turned around again and practiced my Super D skills and flew down this hill. I was just praying that she was at the platform waiting on me, because the sun was starting to go down and if I had to go look for her it would not be good.

I finally turned the corner and saw a helmet sitting there on the deck and sure enough she was waiting for me. I knew that she was not a typical first timer and could read trails and remember where to go, so I figured she would be in the right place. I just don’t know how she flew by me with out me hearing her or seeing her. She said at one point she heard someone behind her, but then it never showed up. I guess I should not have turned around until I made it all the way to the bottom. It would have saved me some stress, but the intervals were good for the body.

I finally found a correct tool to remove the rotor bolts and they came off with ease. The swapping of the rotors was painless and the new front wheel was on the 1×1 in no time. I didn’t even have to adjust the brakes any. Something finally worked the way it was supposed to. I also stole the Ergon grips of off the Fuji and put them on the SS. I really didn’t want to keep the pair that was on there, but didn’t figure I would be buying any in time before my next ride. So, with out a front tire, I figured why not take the grips too. They are not hard to change, I was just worried about getting them lined up the way I like again.

Look for a review of riding 69 soon, but the driveway test proves enough to me that I will love it!

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