Story Time

The schedule for this long weekend was changed early Thursday morning when it was decided to join Damon for a ride at Nebo on Friday. Other then the Breakdown, it has been a few years since I have rode Nebo. The day started off good with me getting out of the house when I had hoped and going down the road. It did not seem like it was that long, but it took longer to get there then normal. I guess all the traffic for work is different then any other time I head down that road. I was late, but there was no real schedule.
Time didn’t go much better while he was looking for his season pass. It sucks to get a season pass and then not be able to find it when you need it. After a few looks, it was decided to head down the road and find a place that sells passes on the way. After a short phone call later, it was good news to hear that the Story Inn was selling passes again. I had heard that at one time they stopped selling them.

Shortly there after, we were climbing up that first hill. I can’t believe I don’t make it there more often. I forgot just how much fun that place was and how good the riding can be there. It is not close enough to ride there all the time, but I need to start some kind of rotation going to hit up all these places I don’t ride anymore. It has just been too easy to hit up the stuff closer to home and when I do go out, I usually end up at Brown County.

We ended up with 30 miles of good times and even some new faces. I am looking forward to riding this trail soon again for the Breakdown. After the ride we were starving, so we took a quick stop at the Story Inn and had a great meal with a couple of refreshing beers. It was nice to sit out side and enjoy the weather on such a great day.

Since the last Dino race was the previous weekend, I had a few bike changes in mind. First thing I did was mount up the Mountain King 2.4 that I picked up a little while back. The 2.2 has been working this year, but I wanted a little more meat up front. Who doesn’t? The Stands sealed up real quick and it was on before I knew it. I had some concern that it would hold up because it went on and sealed way too easy.

Now the second part of my changes is where problems started. I wanted to see how the 29” front wheel would ride on the front of the 1×1. It seemed like an easy test since the fork had room anyway. The issue came in when I tried to change the brake rotors. The 1×1 is currently rolling 160mm rotors and the 29er is rolling 180mm rotors even though the fork has a sticker that says not to. I had trouble getting all of the rotor bolts off the 26” wheel. All I had was a small travel tool and it was not working the best. I hope I don’t have that problem when I need it in the woods.

With the front wheel not changing, I was just going to air change the tube in the front tire of the SS and go. I want to mainly be riding next year so I thought no better time to start. Well, for some reason when I took the test ride I talked myself out of it. The SS handles different and the spokes were making a lot of noise. Normally it does not take too much time on the trail to forget the different handling changes. The Fuji rode good and I am sure I would have had a good time on the 1×1 as I ended up riding it Sunday and had a great time. So, look for a ride report of my new 69er Surly 1×1 soon.

More on the Sunday ride later……

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