Another round of fun

I have done a few rides since I have last posted, but I have just been too busy to do it. All of my free time has been spent trying to catch that day’s tour stage. It was an interesting year and did have some good races to watch. I put as much time in on the bike as I could, but it was very limited. It really did not bother me with all the heat, but a little more could have gone a long way. Last weekend was the next Dino race of the season. I felt like I rode even better then the last race. Too bad it is almost the end of the season.

This weekend the race was at Versailles State Park. I have been wanting to check out these trails for the last couple of years. The map was not real clear as to where I might be able to do a section of two of trail with out doing the whole lap. If I would have been there the day before it would have been a different story, but I really did not want to ride 10 miles before my race.  So I went to just check it out and started heading out the finish section. I rode for a while and then just turned around and came back. The good thing about this was that when I hit that section, I knew I was almost there.

The start went better then I thought. I tried to head in to the woods mid pack or so. I knew I did not want to run with the front guys, but I wanted to give my self a little room to see if I could hang there. I have no idea where I was, but I knew there was at least a few people behind me. The train was rolling along good and I could see we were starting to gap the riders behind me. I held a better pace then normal and longer then a few races ago. The issues of not knowing the trail hit me in one of the hard right corners at the bottom of a hill. I thought straight would have been faster, but I guess the trail builder didn’t think the same. I lost a few spots there trying to get back out of the woods.

Things were still going good as I started the second lap. I wanted to take my gel near the bottle hand up, but there was two guys in front of me and I was keeping on their wheel. This cost me just a few miles down the trail. I was feeling wore out and starting to slow down. I quickly downed my gel and tried to recover as quickly as I could. After a few miles I started to feel better. I could see Ralph coming up on me, but it was not as quick as I thought it would. Not long after he passed, I had a little miss hap in one of the creek crossings and the bike flipped. I hopped up quickly and was back on my way. I hooked up with a guy from a different age group and held his wheel for as long as I could. He obviously knew his way around much better then I did, so I just held his wheel and made much better time then I would have done on my own.

I ended up 11th in age group and had a time of 1:44 for somewhere close to 20 miles. I am happy with my race and over all time. Personal results keep getting better each race. I guess it just took a little bit of time for me to start figuring out how this all works again. I just wish I had more time to make a bigger difference in the season. I never expected to be at the top, so it should not be too big of a deal, but the improvements over the last month have been great and I don’t feel like I was even doing everything I could. If I just had more time to devote to some kind of training, I wonder just how fast I could be again. Maybe things will keep going the right direction and I will have a better answer to that question next year.

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