Racing the storm

With the Dino race this weekend I knew that I needed to get my legs spinning some this week. The boy’s had baseball games on Monday and Wednesday. So, when I got home from work Tuesday, I knew I really needed to get out on the bike. The plan was to do a ride on the road bike and not mess with driving to a trail someplace. I also knew that a storm was going to be heading in later that evening. I did not waste any time and was on my bike headed to where ever I may roam.

I took off toward Huntingburg so I would get a few hills in on the way and also make sure I put a few in before I thought it was too hot to be out and headed home. I made it there and crossed the highway headed to my next decision point. The motivated plan was to head toward Duff so I would get a more miles and even more hills in the legs, but when I reached the cross roads of decisions I could see nothing but a black sky over Duff. It looked like it was pouring over there and I knew there was no way I should go that way. The only smart thing to do was take the right and head back toward town.

As I rolled along this section, I kept looking to the left and seeing that black sky getting closer and closer. I put the hammer down the best that I could, but the legs were not feeling 100% at that point. I made it back in to the edge of town by the ball fields and realized that I should take the closest route home and not delay my direction change any longer then I could. I had a funny thing happen at this point. I had my phone in my jersey pocket in a plastic baggy so it would not get wet. Well the phone rang and by the ring I could tell it was the wife. I thought to myself that she heard about the weather and wanted to make sure I was not doing something stupid and actually heading back toward home. I reached around and hit a button on the side to get the ringer to stop. I kept going and was kind of talking to myself. At this point I heard something, so I started talking again. Well, it was my wife talking to me from my pocket. Apparently the button I hit had put the phone on speaker. I told her she was in my pocket and I could not stop. I don’t think she could completely understand me, but I found it really funny to be talking to my jersey. I am sure if anyone would have seen me they would have thought I was nuts.

When I went past the ball fields they already had them cleared because of lightning and everyone was starting to head home. I busted it toward the by-pass road for the shortest way home. At this point the wind was picking up a lot and the dark clouds were getting even closer. I ran 25+ for the whole length of the by-pass road and thought I was doing well. It felt a little weird running toward a sunny sky that looked like nothing was wrong and looking over my shoulder seeing nothing but a black sky. At this point it was starting to get darker and my sunglasses were starting to be too dark.

When I turned off of that road the wind was hitting my side and very hard to control the bike. I don’t think I have had to lean that far over to keep from falling the other way. Debris was flying all over the place and it was starting to get crazy. I even had two cars pull up next to me to see if I needed a ride home. I declined like a fool and said I was almost home. This is where I had one of my scarier moments on a bike. I heard something to my left and when I looked it seemed like some cardboard was rolling across the grass. Well only a few seconds later I looked again only to see some 5′ or 6′ square flat piece of something heading across the road. I locked up the brakes doing 23 or so and the back tire even skidded along and the thing scraped along the road less then 2′ in front of my front tire. It happened so fast that I didn’t even completely stop. Once it went by me, I got right back on the gas again. As it went by I could tell that it was a huge sheet of fiberglass material that is used on shed roofs. That was very close to side swiping me and that would have been real bad. With the material it could have easily cut my leg off or even me partially in half. My heart rate maxed out at that point and I was thinking I should have taken them up on the ride.

I was very lucky and made it home with only a few very large rain drops and keeping my wheels on the ground. I took my bike to the basement and when I returned back upstairs it was pouring. I was very close to getting soaked, but some how just missed it. The wife told me that they said the storm was heading our way with up to 60 mph winds. No wonder I could not out run it completely. I can just hope that the good work out helps for this weekends race. I keep riding better every week, but I am still behind on my training. I would say training schedule, but since I really don’t have a “schedule” it is hard to say that I am behind on it.

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