It is summer

I can’t believe how hot it is for June. I would have thought it would be late July or August. Spring sure didn’t last long. I have been looking for the source of some squeaking that the bike has been doing at times. After taking the cranks off, I think I had figured out the issue. The bottom bracket was not turning too smooth. I did not have time to pick up a new one from the shop before they closed, so I was in a tough place trying to figure out what the riding plan was for Sunday. I originally thought about a nice long road ride, but after some thinking I saw my trusty old steed sitting there feeling left out. So, there was the plan for the ride. What needed to be done next was tune up the SS to make sure everything was rolling good. I think it has been since February or so that I had been on it. The spin around the yard let me know just how easy the front end lifts up on a 26″ bike. I thought for sure I was going to bust my butt.

Everything was ready to go, so I loaded up the car and headed to French Lick. The new loop had been cut all the way through, so I was wanting to see what was added. It was very hot when I got there and ready to go. I took off up the hill and decided to take the new loop counter clockwise because I love that first part going that way. When I got to the log ride I had to give it another go. I made it farther then last time, but I could not make it all the way. I had trouble making the transition from the entrance board to the main log. The little rock that the back wheel is supposed to drop on made it hard to keep my balance for the log. I tried it the other direction since there is a board set up for the back tire made it much easier and I made it all the way the first time.

After that fun I continued on to see the new stuff. It is hard to believe just how much cool stuff is packed  in to that trail. The new section was a real treat. It was not the easiest on the SS and I could not clear the last bit that heads up to the other loop. The end of this section had be unclear as to what direction was easier or I mean harder. I then continued to ride a loop of the green trail clockwise so I could bust down that down hill section. I then continued around and dropped in to the new section going the other way.

This section of trail was really starting to add up for me. It had been too long since I had rode the SS and fully rigid. My body was not used to it and took a real beating on some sections. The heat did not help either since I had been completely soaked since a few miles in to the ride. I kept trying to drink and eat, but I don’t think I drank as much that came out. I even had a time that I started to get some cold chills. I knew this was not good and I needed to keep drinking and head toward the car. After I finished the new loop, I took a right and back down the hill.

I saw some other riders along the way and one of the groups at the deck hanging out. I chatted a little bit and put some faces to names that I had seen online for the last few years. It was good to finally meet some people that I only knew from my computer. I said good by and headed to the car. After cleaning up some and putting things away, I went to sign out. Being that I was thirsty, I was looking in their cooler. I was trying to see what options I had and then she asked me if I wanted a nice cold beer. Hum…… what!! Of course I do! So, I grabbed a nice and refreshing beer and sat by the car. When I was finally done, I headed home. It was a great ride over all, but I could have done with a little less sweat.

This was a good warm up for this weekends Dino race there. I think this will not be any easier of a race for me, but I will try and do what I can. I can only hope that with the numbers that will probably be there since it is a US cup qualifier, there will be more riders that I have a chance to finish in front of. I hope that does not mean that I just get beat by even more people. I really need to do some speed work if I hope to actually compete in Cat 2. I know I can race at that level since I did in the past, but it has been some time since I had been in that shape. I can ride much farther and longer now, but the quickness has slowed down a lot.

Hope to see you at the race this weekend. If you come up on me fast, I am sure I will let you by as soon as I can and with as much room as I can give. I think I am probably the best racer to pass out there. I am very forgiving and figure why fight it. I always hated when people would not let me pass. If you are faster, then you should be in front. But please return the favor if the shoe is on the other foot.

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