An even bigger Buffalo

Even after the crazy down pour we had on Friday I made the decision to head to French Lick on Sunday so I could get some needed trail time in. As the weekend started I was wondering when I could get a ride in. With the flooding rain we had on Friday, I figured it would be a road ride weekend. I could use a nice long road ride since I have not done that much this year.

Turns out that the group I wanted to ride with was not going out Sunday morning like normal, they were going to go later in the day. After all the sun and nice weather we had on Saturday I began to think about hitting the woods on Sunday. I had received information that the trails were nice and hard packed the week up to the rain. I also knew how well the trails were designed and that several of the troubled spots have had some work done to them. All of that lead to my plan of heading up to ride French Lick on Sunday.

Saturday ended up being longer then planned so I was off to a later start then I wanted. I was riding by myself, so it really did not matter too much. I was on a time limit, but it was flexible. When I signed in the lady made a few comments about me being ready to get muddy. Turns out that there was some different thoughts about if the trail should be open or not. It was actually closed at 9:00 when some one else tried to ride. Maybe it was a good time to run a little late. There were a few riders around when I was there and more showing up when I left.

I started out to the left and headed up the hill. There were a few small sections that I thought might be a problem, but they didn’t last long. I began to think that maybe the trail will be in worse shape then I thought. I kept going a little ways and was met with great trail conditions the rest of the way up. I headed out the new section to see what was added since last week.

I was met by some great sections that reassured me that I did ride some sweet trail and it was not the heat. The rock section above is a tough little section with great surroundings. There are several other sections that have nice and tight trail and/or rock features to ride or look at. The rock garden below will sneak up on you quick. I took this at full speed the first time I rode it because I didn’t see it in time. It is not that hard for a rock garden, but still tougher then a lot of sections.

The trail did not go too much past where I rode the last time or at least that is still where the machine was sitting. I did get off and look around the corner and saw a sweet looking switch back to a down hill section that looks like a lot of fun. If the machine was not there  I would have rode it, but I figured I would let them do any finishing touches that needs to be done. I am not sure how much more trail was there, but I can hardly wait to check it out.

With this addition that is yet to be named, I feel that French Lick has some of the best singletrack in Indiana. So, as to say that there is now and even bigger Buffalo Trace trail, with plans of a huge trail system. The only thing that I think BCSP has on this trail is the number of miles. When done, I feel that this trail will have everything and more to offer and I hope with a little less traffic. It can not be built soon enough for me, but I will take what we have since it is close enough to home and so much fun.

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