Here is a Two for one post.Since I could not find the time to post, I now have two rides to talk about. After the PMBAR aftermath was settled down, I finally made it out for a ride. I was going to head to Ferdinand, but the recent storms have left a few trees down. Some were planning on heading to French Lick for a ride, so I headed up that way. Ever since the last time I was there and found out more about the new section of trail, I have been wanting to check it out. I was not disappointed! I could not believe the length of down hill you start off on and the trail is more technical then the first loop. There are some rock gardens and more sweet rock features like the water fall picture above.

The loop is not finished so we rode it as an out and back, but I don’t think it will be too much longer before the full loop is done, but that might make it too easy for some to not go the one direction, but it is fun both directions. It will be interesting to see how they decide to route the races. We held a fairly good pace for most of the ride. It was good to get some good trail riding in and it was even more interesting that I was actually excited about riding a section of trail after spending so much time in Pisgah recently. I believe we went right at 20 miles, but it is hard to remember that far back.

Friday I decided that I needed to get out. The sun was shining for too many day’s when it was not supposed to be out. We didn’t have any baseball or soccer games or practices to go to, so right after work I busted out on the road. I was not sure where I was going to go when I left, but it didn’t take long before I made a turn that determined what direction I was headed. I rolled out toward Dubois and started climbing. The route was going to be the hard part of the Strassenfest loop. I really don’t know why I went that way, but when I am not climbing the way I need to, something keeps telling me to hit all the hills I can so I can get better at them.

Not too far in to the ride I was not feeling that strong. I have been telling myself that I need to do some intervals or sprints to get me back up to the speed I want to be riding. The problem is if I would do sprints on this route, I would probably not make it home. Then as the ride kept going I thought about something I read in a magazine recently about keeping the training fun for the younger riders. Structured sprints are not fun and not any where near the top of my want to do list. So, as I was out on this hard loop, I thought about how they said to get the same result with it not seeming like structured training. So, from then on out I hit the hills hard. There is no better way to get stronger at climbing then pushing it hard up the hills. This took care of the interval conditioning and climbing at the same time. I was completely blown when I got back home, but it was a workout that really made me feel like I did something. I will have to see if I keep it up and end up climbing and riding up to the speed that I would like to be able to maintain for up coming races.

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