First time this year with a number plate

I would say my first race of the year, but I can’t really say I raced it. I signed up for the DRT TT event at Brown County fully knowing that I am not up to par as where I want to be. I actually signed up just to see how bad I was and to get that racing feeling back. It has been a while since I really needed to feel like racing, so all the anticipation and getting caught up in the moment is not old hat any more. So like a fool I started hard and tried to keep up with the 3 other riders that started at the same time. I knew I was pushing it a little, but it didn’t feel like I was doing to bad. I even backed off some after a little while and finally let them go. This was a smart thing to do for me, but the problem is it was too late. I had already used up too much of that energy that I should not use.

For some reason when I am near the beginning of a ride and I push it too hard, my heart rate spikes and then after I keep it that way too long, my legs crash. No matter how hard I tried or how easy I take it, I can not recover much power. If I take my time at the beginning of a ride I can always finish much stronger and normally ride better over the whole trail.

I need to work on my starts and do a lot more sprints before I do too many more races. I just hope I can hold my legs on long enough to complete 4 check points at PMBAR.

Today I took off work so I could make a trip to trade in my old car for a newer one. So, that left me with a morning empty and needing to do something. So I took off on the road bike for a much needed ride. I headed up to Cuzco to see the views or should I say the views of lots of sections of trail going up hill. Just what I needed for some last minute hill work. 32 miles of fun and I was running out of time, so it will have to do.

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