Country road ride

It was suggested to me that I make a trip to a friend’s house last Saturday and join him for what he called a country road ride. Not a county road ride or even a gravel road ride. I was not sure what bike to take because it sounded like my gravel grovel machine would be a good choice, but knowing that he would be riding his Karate Monkey, I figured I should take my 29er. I could use some more riding time on it anyway.

When he tells me the time to meet and uses the “ish” in that time, I never know what time we will actually be riding. Turns out he was only running a little late until his replacement did not show up to work on time. So this left us running a few hours late. I was not too worried about it since I was not on any time schedule. I hung out for a while and enjoyed the weather wondering around his land and checked out his lake and garden while enjoying a few beverages. Those were planned for the after ride, but since I had some time to kill anyway I figured what the heck.

After he got there we had to do a few things, got some lights hooked up and then headed down the road. I knew that there was a good chance that the hills would be found often. I was not too worried about it and actually needed some hill work. What I found was much more then I expected. Not only was the amount of road much less then expected we actually were riding on some dirt. I don’t know if it was trail or actual dirt roads, but I was happy to be on it.

To say that we had a few hills would be an understatement. What he had up there were some monster hills. I could not believe what we ran in to as far as climbs and there were several of them. This was exactly what I was looking for. I now have a good idea of a place to train for PMBAR other then Ferdinand. Ferdinand wears me out and all, but it does not have the length of climbs that can be found in this area. I will admit that some of the areas were very remote feeling. There were places that it seemed like we were riding in people’s yards and stuff. I kept listening for the banjo’s to be playing, but fortunately never heard them. So I need to thank Damon for showing me around his neighborhood for a great ride. The other bonus for the ride is that Damon is riding stronger then I have ever seen him and it kept us moving along at a good pace. Keep it up!

This weekend will be my first race of the year. It is a DRT time trial hill climb at BCSP up to Hesitation Point. I am not sure I am ready for the class I signed up, but it really does not matter. This is a way to get a good idea on my condition and to ease me into the race atmosphere and all the stresses and emotions that go along with it. I really don’t have any expectations on how I will do, I just want to try and ride as strong as I can. When the race is done I hope to ride on back to Schooner Trace and try the big bike out on more technical trails. I think I will do fine, but it would be good to get some practice in on that kind of stuff before I am in Pisgah.

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  1. big ring says:

    32 holes in rim


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