a little road time

Monday I planned on doing what I should have done the other week. I am way behind on conditioning and I took AJ to soccer practice the other week and sat there thinking I really should have brought the bike and take advantage of the time and weather. So, on Monday I packed up the road bike and planned on riding while he was at soccer practice.

Sitting at work looking out the window and listening to the weather, it seemed that there was a good chance that it was going to rain in the afternoon and I would be either wet or left with out a bike ride. I decided to change and mount up for a lunch ride. It was good to be out on the bike in the sun just riding. I knew my time was limited, but I was getting some much needed time on the saddle. My loop had to be cut a little short because of some road work, but I still ended up with 15 miles. I was very happy with getting that much in when it was not planned. I am not sure I could get much more in anyway with my time limit.

The rain started to come down around 4 o’clock and I was feeling good about the choice. Then it actually didn’t last long and cleared back up. I suited up again and after getting to practice I hoped on the bike for another ride. It was even better that the weather cleared up and I could get a second ride in for the day. The head wind was very strong when I was heading south, but I managed to keep a decent pace. I actually put the hammer down much stronger then I figured I could. I could still feel that the legs were not up to par, but it was nice to cruise on a bike 20+ again.

When I got back to the practice field I ended up riding 21 miles. I was very pleased with that and happy to actually do it. I have been in some kind of slump for the last few months and have struggled being motivated to put in the time that I should. I have wanted to, but not pushing it very hard.

To top off the great riding I already did and the 35 miles I ended up doing for the day, I went home and grabbed the mower and push mowed my yard for just over an hour. I didn’t get it all done, but I could sure feel my legs. My plan is to keep pushing my lard this year. I figure it is a good work out and it takes a lot less gas then the riding mower does. The only problem is that it take a lot more time then riding. I normally end up doing sections of the yard in different days or just skipping some sections. That normally does not matter since there are very view people that actually see my yard and even less that will see the back yard. But, I don’t like it when it is not in good condition and the up keep slacks.

It is beyond time to get in shape, but better late then never. I am still far from what I need to be to have a good chance at PMBAR. Not to win it, but to actually finish it. A lot depends on what routes we take and how long we plan on being out there. I do feel the need to start looking at the map. Reading some of the P36R posts I feel like I would be completely lost down there. Not like I ever really knew it well, but I thought I knew it a little better then completely lost. I guess I will find out in 3 weeks!

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