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Well in my last post I was hoping to create another post before I went for another ride, but I guess that didn’t happen. It is hard to believe how time can fly. Last weekend I was asked to go along to BCSP for a ride. I didn’t think I was going to be able to go, but things worked out and I was happy to tag along. When Saturday morning came I was feeling a little sore from my ride on Thursday. I knew that Ryan wanted to put a big day in, so I thought I would do the right thing and leave my SS at home. I also figured with PMBAR on the way I could use all of the time on my geared bike that I could put in. I did a quick look over on the bike, fixed a flat tire and figured I was ready to go.

The ride started out fairly normal, but I was feeling it much sooner then I should have. I was also having some trouble controlling my bike. It was determined that my rear shock did not have all of the air in it that I would like. This let the suspension move way more then I wanted it to and it was eating up my energy. This left me much slower then I like and putting in the worst ride that I have ever done at BCSP. I found Charles at hesitation point and put some air in my rear shock. This helped a bunch! The next section was rolling much smoother. We started to drop in to Schooner, but I just about ate it 3 times in the first 100 ft. The front was not working at all like I am used to, so I was out of control when I was faced with more then one rock at a time. So, it did not take too long for me to decide that it would be a very long day on that trail, so we turned around.

The rest of the ride was about the same. I was much slower then I wanted, but I was still riding a great trail with some great weather conditions. I still put in around 25 miles even if it did take me 5 hours to do it. The problem I have now is that I am not happy at all with my FS geared bike and will need to work something out to keep riding.

Wednesday I looked at the sun shining out side and knew I just had to put some riding in. So, I was cleared for some time and loaded up the SS and headed to Ferdinand for a ride. When I got there the lot as full and most of the usual riders out there were getting ready to head in to the woods. They waited for me to get ready and we all headed up the hill. I told them they didn’t have to wait for me because I am still not happy with with how I was riding and knew that with my SS I would be much slower then they would be. They said it was not an issue and kept waiting for me. I was beat and not riding up to par, but kept chugging along. We did a little varied loop compared to the normal one so we could ride over the new sections more. The two new sections are done, but need some tires rolling over them to help pack them in.

Toward the end of the ride I felt better, but was still tired. When we all made it back to the car, everyone started to load up and I could not help myself from thinking that I really need to put some more time in on the bike. So, I said good bye and headed back up the hill. I didn’t do a whole lot, but I did ride back up to the fire tower and then took the gravel road back to the car. This left me with right at 16 miles and very sore. Speaking of sore, I almost forgot to mention that I took my first trip over the bars on this ride. It was very early in the ride. Probably just over 1 mile in. It is the first big down hill and at the bottom there is a washed out section before it goes back up hill. I didn’t hit is right and it it threw my toward the left and put me right in to a ditch. I thought for a split second that I pulled it off, but I hit a soft spot and I went right on over. I ended up busting my knee and got a few good scrapes. I am sure I will feel that for a little while.

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