Half of a double dip

Times have been very busy lately. It seems that there is always something going on and that is not good for me getting in to shape for the season. On Thursday last week the sun was shining all day and I cleared up a little time to actually get on the bike. I planned on joining a group that was doing a road ride, but knowing who is in the group and how I have been feeling, I figured I would be better off doing something on my own. It would have been very painful and I am sure they would have dropped me in no time. So, since I was on my own I figured that I would head out to Ferdinand for some time in the dirt and skip the road ride. Then I saw a post that French Lick trail was open again and my plans were changed once again.

I headed up to French Lick after work packing my lights this time so there is no reason that I have to stop riding before I was ready. Heading up the first climb my legs were not feeling too good. I began to wondering what I was doing out there. I started to second guess the thought about racing Cat 2 and the thought about racing my SS. I was very disappointed at how bad I was riding. When I got to the picnic table the two Alex’s were sitting there after a hard days work. We talked for a little while and then I went on my way. This next section is mostly down, so I felt much better about how I was riding.

The next time up the hill went much better. I started to forget about all of the issues in life and began to just enjoy the ride. This time the loop went by much faster then the last lap. When I hit the bottom I checked the time and then made a quick stop at the car to grab my light. I went to the right on this loop and made it to the table before I needed to turn the light on. This was the first time that I have actually rode there in the dark. It was a blast riding down the pine section in the dark. Just make sure those huge birds don’t get you.

The trail was in much better shape then I thought it would be. I had heard about how bad the trails were rutted up last fall and it was hard to find any evidence of the damage on 90% of the trail. There were a few spots that were still not back where they were, but getting closer. It also sounds like the next addition is coming along nicely and should be done before too long. I can hardly wait for more trail to check out.

I ended up riding at BCSP on Saturday for the double dip. I hope to post a ride report about that soon or at least before I go riding again.  🙂

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