Actually rode in the woods

I actually got out in to the woods on well….. Friday. I have just been a little busy to actually post something on here. I went early in the morning to try and keep the ground as hard as possible, but it still started to thaw much faster then I wanted. I still did a lap at Ferdinand, but there were a few sections that I walked so I would not create some ruts.

Some sections were in great condition, but some of the sections that were logged have dirt that is not packed in yet and was real soft. I could tell a few people had been threw there, but the ground must have been harder because their tracks were not as deep as I would have put in. I wanted to do two laps or as much of two laps as I could talk myself in to, but with the trail conditions not what I wanted them to be I decided to hop on the gravel road to top off a few more miles.

Actually I was not complaining too much. This was the second time on my SS this year and I was not showing too much promise. There was more then one time that I started to second guess my plan of racing with the SS this year. Then I would get to the next section and it would roll along better and I would forget that I thought that. Still I could not help from thinking that I am no where near what I would like to be right now. I knew I would loose some of my climbing ability, but I didn’t think it would be this bad. I have been doing some training this winter, but I never end up doing what I plan to do. The other thing I kept telling myself that I was riding at Ferdinand. That place is not the easiest and the climbing is tough. It took most of the year last year before I could do a full lap with out walking, so why would I think I could do that in March? I am sure if I headed up to Brown County or French Lick, the ride would have gone much better. I was still climbing most things, it just hurt more then I wanted it to hurt.

It is actually getting down to crunch time for some serious training. I have at least one race and maybe two races planned in April and then the big one May 1st. I have to be in good enough shape to not let my team mate down for PMBAR or at least be the reason we don’t make our goal of finishing.

The good thing is the weather is finally starting to come around. That means at least some road riding will be done and maybe even some trail riding if it gets dry enough. There is still a lot of trail work to do that didn’t get completed because of all the snow. So, there is still some time to salvage my early season, but the clock is ticking.

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