Back on the road again

I actually got out side on my bike to ride this weekend. It had to be on the road bike, but at least I was out. Saturday we had some things going on and as we were heading to Evansville I could not believe the weather. I wanted to be on the bike so much, but it was going going to happen. So, with Sunday supposed to be just as good or better, I knew I had to get out. I have a lot of training I need to be doing and it is getting too late to start. I should be a lot better off now, but with all the snow it has messed up some of my plans.

I knew I had some things I needed to get done in the morning, but figured that would let the sun some up more before I headed out. Looking at the window as it was getting closer to the ride time, I didn’t think that the weather looked as good as the day before. Oh well, I was going to go no matter what. I headed out the door a little later then I planed, but I sill had enough free time to get a good ride in.

I headed out away from the house with a route that would take me away from options to turn off. I headed over toward Huntingburg and did a little loop over there before heading back toward Jasper. I figured that would be the best way to get me out there and not want to cut the loop short. The legs were feeling fairly good for not being on the bike much, but there were a few hills on Meridian Rd. that let me know that the trainer is not like riding out side.

As I was headed back toward town with the plan of making a loop around Ireland, I saw two other bikers headed my way on Old Huntingburg Rd. Turns out it was Brian and Nick, so we turned around to talk to each other. I decided to grab their wheels since they said they were not in a hurry. The pace picked up from there, but overall it was not too bad for most of the sections. The only place I really had troubles were the hills. They climb a lot more hills then I have the last few years and not only that, they do it at a faster pace then I normally would. I knew they would drop me, but they were nice enough to back off the pace and let me catch up each time.

As we were headed back in to Jasper I knew they were going towards Ireland. At this time my legs were starting to feel it and I was getting tired. I figured I would start to make them wait on me even more, so I said I was going to part ways and head back toward home. I had a few more miles in already the them and I was happy with the ride as it was. I ended up with 40 miles and something like 1200 foot of elevation gain. Not too bad for my first road ride of the year. I hope to grab their wheels more this season. I need to jump my fitness up another level with the races I plan on doing this season. Normally I could ride all day, but now I will have to ride with a little bit of speed too. I know it will hurt for a while, but I hope it gets a little better as I go.

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