Snow ride!

Well I finally made it out of the house for a snow ride. It was good to be back in the woods, but I could tell it has been too long. It seems that weather and some other things keep getting in my way, so when the time was free and the weather was not too bad I knew I had to go. I headed out to Ferdinand because that is the old stand by and I was not sure if they would have let me ride at French Lick or not. I sure would have been easier to ride up there, but I know Ferdinand much better and that is plus for these kind of conditions.

I was not off to a good start having some trouble climbing right off the bat, but I didn’t warm up correctly and the snow sure made climbing even harder. I made sure to check out the new trail re-route that was started a few weeks ago. It looks like it will be so much better then what was there, the only problem was that it is not cut all the way threw. I ended up doing some crazy hike-a-bike trying to get back on the trail. But, once I was the riding was going a little better.

Not too far in to the ride I hop out on to a gravel road section. This takes me to the next section of trail. At this point my legs were hurting and I was wore out. I figured it was time to head back toward the car by road. Well when I hit the intersection that determines where I would end up, I figured the road was going ok and I might as well make a good ride out of it and put some gravel time in. So, I headed away from the car and toward the normal direction of travel. When I finally made it to where the trail crosses the road, I just hoped on the trail and off I was. I guess so much for a road ride.

This section of trail rolled better then where I started. There was actually sections that didn’t have any snow. I am sure glad that I decided to head in to the woods again and not stay on the roads. I don’t know if the warm up did it or the fact that section of trail is just easier, but I was having a blast. Just what I needed.

This ride was the first time that I got to carry my new camera with me. It worked great and was easy to carry. I should have taken a few more pictures then I did, but oh well at least I took some. There really is not that much to take there. This was also the first time that I had a chance to try out my water bottles in the cold. I picked up some camelback insulated water bottles last year and they have worked great in the summer time. I didn’t feel like carrying my pack, so I thought I would try the bottles. I have had trouble with the water freezing in bottles, but I figured that with them being insulated they should work or at least I hoped. Turns out that the bottles did a great job of keeping the water and Gatorade from freezing. The only issue I had was a chunk of frozen mud that was in the opening at the top. It was not hard to get out and I was happily drinking again.

I need to really start to hit it hard. I have some big rides coming up and I am not where I want to be. All of this snow has messed up a lot of peoples riding. I am tossing around the idea of heading down to the Cohutta for the race, but I might settle on the 65 mile version since PMBAR is the following week.

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