2010 Schedule

I have put together a want to do race list for the last several years. This year I have done somewhat the same thing, but with one thing different, I actually have to race some events. As anyone who stops by here often might have noticed, there have been a few changes. There is a new team that has formed surrounding a local shop and it turns out that I will be a part of that team for 2010. This is not something I have done in several years, but I always like being a part of a group. Especially when it is such a good group of people. So, if you can not figure it out yet, I will be racing for Team Adventures Recreation. There are some sweet new jerseys headed this way soon. What do you think?

I will mainly be getting general support from Adventures that also includes Pearl Izumi. The team is also getting some help from Fuji bikes, but I will continue to ride my Surly for now. Along with that help I will continue to get some support from Continental Tires and Crank Brothers.

This decision was not as easy as one would think. I have been a long time supporter of Indy Cycle Specialist and they will continue to have a place in my heart, but it has been a many of years since I have been on their race team. I really have not focused on racing either. Adventures is a fairly new shop in town. I have known the owner for some time and he has treated me very well since the first day they were open. So, I did not want to pass up this opportunity to help him out in anyway I can. He is not pushing a lot of stress to do well, just to get the name out as much as possible and have a good time while doing it. I think I can live with that kind of requirement.

Now for the so called Schedule. These are the events that I am fairly certain that I will do. There are several other races that have made my maybe list, but only time will tell. I could swap some of these for other races if things came up, but I do plan on attending the DINO XC races for sure because that is what the team if focusing on.

2010 Schedule

4/25 White Lightning XC
5/30 DRT French Lick
6/6 DINO Nashville: Brown County State Park
6/19 DINO French Lick: French Lick Resort (US Cup Regional Qualifier)
7/18 DRT BCSP point to point
7/25 DINO Versailles: Versailles State Park
8/21 Fools Gold 100
8/29 DINO Indianapolis: Town Run Trail Park
10/10 Brown County Breakdown
10/24 Race to Canal – LBL, KY
11/27 Gravel Grovel – Story, IN

This list has turned out much longer then I expected. I hope the personal conflicts remain a minimum, but it is not likely. Right now the plan is to race my SS in all of the events other then PMBAR and maybe the Gravel Grovel. I will race in the SS class anytime I can otherwise it will be Cat 2 for me. I am not sure I am up to the speed of Cat 2 yet so I better get working on it. I just can’t justify racing at Cat 3. I have a hard time driving a long way, paying to race and not at least get a few miles in. I may not win, but I plan on having fun while I do it. Hope to see you on the trail.

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