Why even worry

As usual I find my self worrying about things that I just really don’t need to worry about. When other people are involved and no decisions or plans have been made, then there is really no reason to try to figure out things.

Never mind about the end of my last post. It seems that once again plans tend to change. I will put all of the same races that are on the top of my list on my calendar, but there might not be any reason to add any more.

I will be sporting a new jersey next year, it just might not be the one I thought I was going to have on. Oh well, they both look good or well I know at least one of them looks good and that is the guaranteed one. This jersey might not come with as many bells and whistles, but my bike already has a bell on it and this jersey can whistle pretty good at times.

It seems there was a little bit of snow that fell on the ground this week in Brevard. Actually more then a little bit. The weather man shows some warmer temps for the rest of the week. I sure hope he is correct and the snow melts enough to keep our trip on schedule. I will keep my fingers crossed, but if it does not work out it will just give me even more reason to head down there after the new year. Maybe I can put my thumb out and catch a ride on the shuttle.

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