Merry Christmas!

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

I have had limited time on my bike the last two weeks. Actually no time at all out side of my house. I have been on the rollers some and used the elliptical, but it is not the same. My trip to Pisgah has been finalized up to the point of actually going. It seems there is supposed to be a lot of snow going to be around that area, so if it is too much then it will not be worth the trip. It might be fun, but we need to get a some good trail time there and also get some trail education. It is not easy to figure out where trail intersections when they are covered in snow.

I did hope to get out this morning for a snow ride, but since the little bit of snow they predicted didn’t actually happen it left the trails too wet to use. Maybe I can get some trail time in before next week. I also have some bike work to do on the NRS so it is trail worthy. It should not need too much stuff, but you never know. I do need to put in a new bottom bracket, but maybe I should do like I did for my last trip down there and just spray some lube in there so it turns. I would hate to destroy a new bottom bracket on its first weekend of riding.

It looks like I might have some interesting news to announce early next year. I don’t want to say too much until all the details are in, but it looks I just might be sporting a new jersey next year and doing a little racing for a team. It will mean that I will actually have to do a few more races. I already did plan on a few races to be added to the list, but I have not finalized any. Some of the details will make more of a difference on my choices. This will also help me actually commit to doing a few of the events that I have had on my list, but typically end up skipping when it comes down to it.

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