New Year’s in Brevard

I can’t believe that I have not been on a bike since the Gravel Grovel. I have thought about the rollers, but it just didn’t work out yet. I did get the Gary Fisher cleaned up and ready for it’s next adventure when ever that happens.

It looks like plans have been somewhat firmed up for the trip to Pisgah after Christmas. Bryon my team mate for next years PMBAR are headed down to do a little scouting and training. We both can use some more familiarity of the trails to help us not end up lost or on that trail with all of the creek crossings with out knowing it. I do need to do a lot of work on the Giant before the trip. It is still hurting a little from my November trip down there in the ICS Shuttle and the ride around London, KY. I have a new BB to put on there and I plan on removing the big ring since I have hit it on rocks more then I have used it.

The current plan is to ride December 30 & 31 and January 1st. I can not think of a better place to have my last ride of the year and my first ride of next year. I can only hope that the weather is not too crazy so we can ride what ever the plan ends up being. This agenda will also have us celebrating New Year’s Eve in Brevard, so if anyone knows what is going down that night or a good place to check out, let me know. I hate to spend the night in a hotel room.

Also it looks like we will just miss Scott and the ICS shuttle. He is leaving the day we get there and heading back the day we leave. If  anyone else has any rides planned, let me know. Clay or Eric???

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One Response to New Year’s in Brevard

  1. Clay says:

    I’m not sure of my plans for those days just yet but I plan on being around so let’s get together and ride at least one of those days. Shoot me an email and we’ll figure it out.

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