Gravel Grovel

I made it back to French Lick last weekend for a good ride. It was the first time in 4 weeks that I rode my SS. I must have been getting soft riding that FS bike all those hours because the trail sure was rough when I started. I ended up riding fairly well and killing the down hills. That place is just so much fun. I sure hope when I wreck up there it is not too bad. I am sure it will happen some day with how fast I go and how much air I end up getting in places. I thought that would happen last weekend on one jump, but some how I pulled it out.

This weekend is the typical stuff your face weekend. I have been doing well with my weight and loosing some pounds when I would not think it possible. I just hope I don’t blow it this weekend. One good thing is that I signed up for the Gravel Grovel race. I am not sure how much of a race it actually is, but no matter what it will be some good miles at a time I could use it.

The Gravel Grovel is a 100k race that is not on road or trail, but mostly gravel road and dirt roads. Not what I normally would ride, but it sounded interesting and I have a bike that I was looking for a reason to use. I picked up an older Gary Fisher mtb this summer. It still had the bio-pace chain rings on it. This thing is a beast for commuting and that is the main reason I wanted it. I also has the good old thumb shifters so I know the shifting will not be a problem no matter what the weather does to it.

I did some modifications to it for this ride, well they were planned anyway but this race gave me the reason to get it done. I put a set of road cranks on there that are double rings. That will give me more speed then what a mtb gearing would allow. I also put a set of Continental Cross-Country tires on there that are a small 1.5″ tire. Sweet little knobies and should still give a good rolling speed. They advertise this tire as allowing you to ride a 26″ bike for cycle-cross. I have wanted to try that too some day.

I will try to post up this weekend while I sit all fattened up with turkey and let everyone know how the “race” went. It should be interesting because I saw some very fast fellows signed up. My plan is to try and hang with the front or second group as long as I can. One bad thing is I currently don’t have a computer I can put on this bike, so I will have no idea of how far I went or how fast I am going. That actually might be a good thing. We shall see.

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