Pilot Rock

I had to recruit a little help and found out a little closer as to where we actually went. The Friday ride looked a little more like this

wolf ford rd>SMR>Black>Turkey pen>SMR>Mullinx>Squirrel>SMR>wolf ford rd

Saturday was going to be a little shorter ride, but not lacking on fun. We started out about the same time, but figured we would not need the lights. The day looked like this: up Pilot cove>Pilot cove connector>laurel mt>Pilot rock. It was another beautiful day to be in the woods. We hung out on slat rock for awhile and just enjoyed the sun and view.

At the last intersection before the hike-a-bike up to Pilot, we ran in to a few other guys. Actually two groups of two. Two of them were more locals and knew what they were doing, but the other two guys were from WV and were having a rough time of it. The one guy was out of water and the other was feeling real bad. We have them a little water to help out and helped point them in the direction toward their car. It sounded like there were out there for a while and already did Squirrel before heading up to Laurel and were parked close to where we were. It was good to see at least one of them having a good time yet.

We then saw a SS’er and a dog roll by us as we were checking out the Pilot Rock view. He was rolling along good and didn’t stop for us to figure out who he was or anything. I have to admit that I did not ride the switch backs very well. Actually I think I rode it better the last time I was there and at the time the sun was going down fast. I don’t know why I didn’t do better. I didn’t think I would clean everything, but there were sections that I should have rode that I didn’t. I did start to ride a little better after I was past a few of the first corners.

The rest of the trip back was fairly uneventful. We loaded up and cleaned up a little then headed in to town. We needed to pick up a few supplies for food or go eat some place. It was decided to hit up the Mexican place just past the stop light. It looked like there were several bikers eating there. We then found a new place to park for the night since we were staring from the Fish Hatchery for our Sunday ride.

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