More French Lick fun

I took another trip up to French Lick on Sunday. I was not sure if I was going to be able to get out or not and I didn’t know if the weather was going to cooperate. So, when I got the go ahead signal for Sunday, I busted out the door as fast as I could and down the road. I took the NRS for this trip. I have recently had the seals replaced in the old shock and wanted to see if it was working or not. The temporary shock I picked up is starting to show some signs of not wanting to work, so I thought I better have something done before it is too late. I also tuned a few things up and replaced a bent brake lever with one that I had. It was time to get it prepared for some winter trips to Pisgah.

When I showed up to the entrance of the trail there were two riders hanging out by the platform. I chatted them up a little and found out that we knew some of the same people. So, I joined them on the trip up the hill. Knowing they did some road racing, I was a little concerned that they would be moving too fast for me, but I held my own on the way up. I could have used a little more warm up and not riding any gears for the last several weeks made the sit and spin harder. The trail was very soft in some corners and some wet sections too. I kept up for the trip up and didn’t have any problem keeping up on the trip down. The one guy even let me by him, but I was not sure he needed too. It was nice pushing it harder then a normal ride. That makes the last two rides a lot faster then I normally ride. This is a good thing. I need to build some speed back in my legs so I can get stronger. I don’t need to be a speed demon, but it does not hurt to go a little faster some times.

I talked them in to doing another lap the other way and I took them out on a loop that showed them some of the new stuff. It looked like there is more trail out there that I need to check out. Maybe the next time I am up there I will head deeper in to the new section. After this part we tied back in to the main loop and continued on down the hill. They let me lead for the way down. I guess I was going strong enough that they thought I would do just fine in the front. The one guy kept up with me and we were having a great time. Since the pace was pushed the whole ride it didn’t slow me down on the hills either. I can’t believe I didn’t crash on that down hill. The leaves were thick in spots and the corners were slick. I had several times that I thought I was going down, but it never happened. I made sure to catch a little air when I could, just to make sure I was smiling.

After we made it to the bottom and everyone got there, they figured it was time for them to head home. We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. They went home and I went back up the hill. I thought about going out the new section to see the new stuff, but I was starting to run out of time and I didn’t want to get home late. So, I just did a normal lap. The way up was a little slower, but I still found some stuff in me to head down the hill normal.

The NRS didn’t ride too bad. I figured there would be some good things and some bad things. It did feel like everything was flat, but it was not. The suspension was nice for some stuff, but for some reason I missed the rigid on some sections too. Over all I don’t think I went any faster or slower then I do with my SS. There were sections that I went faster, but there were also sections that I went slower, so it all netted out in the end. I plan on taking the SS the next time I head up there, but would not be opposed to riding the NRS.

It does look like I need to make sure the NRS is lubed up and in good rolling form for this weekend. The shuttle is heading to Pisgah and I will have my self along for the ride.

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