Probar – the bar to end all bars


I have tried something recently that was too good not to pass on to my readers and everyone that I talk to. I now have a new favorite energy bar that will be hard to beat. Let me give you a little back ground incase you don’t already know. I used to race mountain bikes most of the way threw the 90’s. This meant I was riding or racing 6 days a week for most of the year. I would travel to neighboring states if that was where the races could be found. After my racing interest started to fade, that didn’t keep me from riding my bike. I would spend 4-8 hours at a time riding my bike in the woods with my friends.

During all of this time nutrition was always something that I was trying to figure out. To race or ride at your best one must keep your body fueled for the whole ride. This need lead to me experimenting with lots of different products. I witnessed the very first gel that hit the market and lot of different brands of energy bars. Most of the products would do the job if you could make yourself eat it. Some products tasted better then others, but overall they were hard to eat. I did find some products over the years that seemed to be the best thing ever, but in reality they were just better then all of the other products that are available at the time. As I kept eating these things, they keep getting harder and harder to eat.

Over the last several years I had started to stray from the standard energy bar and start to pack real food in bags. It was much better to eat real food then try to choke down the dry compressed energy bars. This was much better for me, but there is an issue with packing lots of food on the trail, it takes up a lot of room. I could manage if I was to carry a water pack, but if I wanted to just use my pockets it was more of an issue.

I had heard of a new name of a bar, Probar that some friends had been using, but never had the opportunity to try it. Well this year at the Brown County Breakdown I figured it would be a good time to try them out. I had the good people at Indy Cycle Specialist bring me some bars to the event for me. My plan was to ride the 75 mile route on my rigid single speed. This was going not going to be easy and to make matters worse it was wet the week up to the event. Trails were soft and some spots were very hard to keep the bike moving.

I was out there on my own and riding well. As the tank was being drained I figured I should stop and try to re-fuel. This was the big moment that I didn’t know I was waiting for. I grabbed a Whole Berry Blast Probar out of my pocket and started to eat it. WOW! This thing was like no other bar that I had ever tried. It was packed full of food. Not only processed and dried stuff, but real food!  I could not believe I was actually eating a bar. It tasted like I was eating a bag of fruit and nuts mixed together. This was not only good, but was full of good stuff that recharged me and had me rolling down the trail again in no time. I truly think that the Probar got me over the hump and kept me rolling toward my goal. There were a lot of riders that cut their ride short because of a section of trail that was really soft and took a lot out of their legs.

Once I was passed a easy turn around spot, I kept going toward my goal. The next big turn around rest stop I was feeling shot and was trying to talk myself in why it was a good reason that I went far enough that I could head back toward the start. Well, after another Probar was enjoyed I got up to tell the guy checking in the riders that I was going back, but when I got there for some reason I said I was going in to the next section and I was on my bike going deeper in to the ride in no time. I still don’t know what happened there, but the only thing I can think is that the Probar did its job and got me ready to go for some more. I ended up with 70 miles for the day in some less then perfect conditions in a time that I was very happy with. There were definite times that I was trying to talk myself out of everything, but the energy that the Probar gave me kept me going toward the goal.

If you have not tried the Probar yet, I highly recommend trying it. It is a pleasure to eat and there are several good flavors to pick from. I have a few more flavors on my list to try. I thought they were so good that I am considering eating a Probar for my daily breakfast to keep me full and energized for work.

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2 Responses to Probar – the bar to end all bars

  1. Karen says:

    I love Probars! Superfood is my favorite & the Original is right there with it!!! I’ve used them on climbing mountains and volcanoes and have found the same thing – yummy and energizing!

  2. Linda says:

    I loudly echo your hands down the best bar out there. A great tasting bar that offers amazing sustainability. A;l of the flavors and variations are yummy. Easy to eat and digest while riding, hiking, or as a meal replacement during a day filled with meetings. Super glad I stumbled on this superb product. I am definitely sharing this thought with everyone.

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